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Both daughters have been on anti-psychotics as a result of something traumatic and very serious happening to them. Instead of counselling the youngest a child at 13 was put on Rispiridon which had a devasting effect on her. Luckily I managed to get her off.
The eldest is currently in a secure hospital after having been experimented on with the following:
Cipralix, Rispiridon, Aripraprazole, Olanzapine, Seroquel and that is not all they have given her Lorazepam and skin medication which should have been discontinued and not left to go on indefinitely until I objected. She is currently having an adverse reaction to Seroquel and I have experienced a previously placid, quiet immaculately spoken young girl at the age of 19 turn into someone unrecognisable until she became more and more aggressive and violent. Some of the behaviour has verged on criminal and it is not safe to have her live at home. The care in the UK is apalling and I am going to draw attention to this. So far I have just set up a website called – another mother who is also distanced from her daughter has set up Revelations UK. It has been promised by a leading professor at the specialist hospital she would be taken off the drugs and have a drug free period but instead, they have already wasted no time in offering her Clozapine which she has clearly stated she does not want. Clozapine is supposed to work wonders in cases where someone is ”treatment resistant” however my daughter has not got over what happened to her and it is abuse of the highest level. I am ready to give huge publicity and have been threatened with legal action. I am ready to take matters to court and am ready to defend my daughter myself if necessary. You can no longer have a conversation with my daughter and I am extremely worried for her safety in the ”care” of these drug pushers and the fact that the Professor who I am tempted to name and maybe I will, has promised in writing and now his PA claims he is no longer working for that particular ward and she is under the control of another psychiatrist and team under much stricter conditions than ever before – almost like prison. I am now waiting to go to the CPA meeting at the end of the week to meet with the team for the first time and am compiling a presentation to give to them rather than speak. A typical CPA meeting includes everyone but if a patient is agitated, that patient should not be overwhelmed by such a meeting amongst many members of a team firing questions. I know I am going to have to fight for my daughter as it is clearly her wish to come off the drugs and there appears to be nowhere in this country. She is currently on 750 mg of Seroquel and they want to put her on Clozapine now and she has refused many times and yet they still keep trying to push her. This is the ultimate abuse of a vulnerable patient who was led to believe she was going in to come off the meds as I was.

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