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We have lost one of our most valient warriors Rosie Meysenberg

Posted by: “Ann Blake-Tracy”

I certainly did not expect to be needing to contact you so soon, but it is with deepest regret this evening that I come to inform you that early this morning we lost one of the most valiant warriors in this battle for truth about the dangers of antidepressants. My dear friend & “right hand man” for 15 plus years & our Texas Director for ICFDA, Rosie Meysenberg, left this earth to join those whose battle we have been fighting for so long. If I know Rosie she will rally those there to join with us here to intensify our efforts to end this worldwide antidepressant holocaust as she & I so often called it.Together we worked these many years to gather as many cases as possible to form the database located at www.ssristories.drugawareness.org. I told her I wanted as many cases documented as possible because I never wanted even one death to go unnoticed. So while I contacted families & reporters & law enforcement personnel to educate them & ask them if these drugs were involved in each tragedy, Rosie & her husband Gene combined their skills to put together this marvelous searchable database of cases so that others could see the end result for these people after using antidepressants.

The news of Rosie’s passing that came this morning & tells you where you can go to leave your condolences is below:

A new journal entry titled Rosie was posted on Rosie’s CaringBridge website at 8:27 AM, CST on March 8, 2012.

Read the latest update and show your support at:http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/rosiemeysenburg

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Please leave your condolences as I know it would be a great comfort to Rosie’s family to see the impact of her sacrifices upon each of your lives. My comment & final goodby is below:

“I knew I did not want to open the notice this morning that gave me the news from Gene that you had left us! Somehow for the past day or so I knew this news was coming.

“Am I selfish in wanting to keep you here? YES! I don’t know what I am going to do without you!

“But now you are there with all those whose battle we have fought together for the past two decades. Fill them in, as I know you will, on all we have worked to do in their behalf to insure their deaths were not in vain … that we have worked hard to make sure their experiences with these deadly antidepressants are serving as a lesson to others & saving lives. Please assure them for me that I will find a way to carry on without you although I don’t know how at this point. I do know how difficult it will be to go on without you as closely as we have worked all these years. Few others understand fully all the adverse effects of antidepressants the way you did making it so much easier to share with you about all of these cases. Now who do I call to share with?

“But I know that you know me well enough to know I will carry this work on & continue to document these tragedies as you & I did together for so many years. I know that is what you would want because you would do the same for me if it were me who had gone before you! You just watch from there when you get a chance Rosie. I will make sure you are a part of it too just like when you could not make it back for the second FDA hearing when they put the Black Box warning on antidepressants for suicide. Remember how excited you were that I called you on my cell & put you on speaker so that you could be in that room with me to hear that monumentous FDA decision? Don’t worry Rosie … I will find a way again to make sure you do not miss out on hearing the final win in this battle for truth we have fought together. We will get special permission from Our Father in Heaven for you to check in occasionally & you will see that WE WILL WIN! Our work will not be in vain! It WILL succeed in opening the eyes of the world & it WILL continue to save many lives. I promise you that! And through this the world will see what a blessing you were to all of mankind . . . I love you Rosie & will always miss you!

“May your wonderful family be blessed at this time with peace & comfort knowing full well how honorably you fulfilled your mission in life & how much they all meant to you. May the legacy you left for them always be a perfect example to them of how to conduct their own lives.

“Bye for now Rosie . . .”

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