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Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:39 pm (PDT)


Okay things are beginning to come out about this case … SO LET’S LOOK AT THEM….

#1 Very significant is that two years ago this soldier suffered Traumatic Brain Injury. Anyone who has had a brain injury should NEVER be given an antidepressant according to neurologist, Dr. Jay Seastrunk. The brain is far more vulnerable to seizure activity after such an injury and taking a stimulant (An ANTI-depressant or the opposite of a depressant IS A STIMULANT!). Remember that a manic psychosis is a continuous series of seizures in the brain which is basically what REM Sleep is also. (Keep that in mind as you read below about REM sleep.)

#2 In this article Dr. Johnathan Shay describes what he calls Berserk: “Berserkers … have this curious quality of icy and flaming rage; all they want to do is destroy, they want nothing to get in the way of their unmediated destruction and killing, and they are truly insensitive to pain. They are totally beyond the society of their own military forces and disconnected from them.”

“It’s a painful and destructive thing and usually fatal for the soldier… The term “berserk” is an Old Norse word describing the frenzied trance in which some warriors fought.”

Now what he has just described as “berserkness” is what is a perfect description of “homicidal ideation” – a compulsion to kill – continuous thoughts of killing and continuous thoughts of methods of killing – coupled with rage. Both rage & homicidal ideation are listed side effects of antidepressants which are prescribed at a shocking rate to our military! The main drug anyone would think of producing this type of reaction is PCP (Angel Dust) & antidepressants are the most similar drugs in action to PCP the world has ever seen!!

#3 Another quote from this article states: “And sleep is unmistakably the fuel for the frontal lobes of the brain, and when you’re out of gas in the frontal lobe you become a moral moron — a catastrophe with no moral restraint.” Combat stress, or PTSD in its most virulent form, tends to disrupt sleep.”

PTSD in its most virulent form does disrupt sleep but what disrupts sleep even more is antidepressants. One of the first things noted about the first SSRI antidepressant on the market, Prozac, was how it repressed REM Sleep. Now for those of you who have read my book, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare, know after reading the chapter on the REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) that antidepressants cause this disorder where you act out nightmares. More recent research demonstrates that 86% of those being diagnosed with RBD are currently taking an antidepressant even though it has mainly been known as a drug withdrawal state. So those in withdrawal have an even greater chance of going into this sleepwalk nightmare we call RBD!

Close friends of mine had a son leave for Iraq a couple of years ago. The young man called his father, a social worker, to ask about taking an antidepressant. Why? Because he was told by Army personnel that he would need one in order to go to Iraq! Knowing a little about my work after learning a close friend of his was stabbed, along with his mother & sister, by their father, who then shot himself after only five days on Zoloft, he was concerned about antidepressants. A veteran himself, his father’s response was level headed. He told his son that if he ever needed to have his thoughts together & control over his actions & NOT be under the influence of a mind altering drug it would be while carrying a gun & facing what he would in Iraq.

Now what was most alarming to me was that so much pressure had been put on this young man by his superiors to take these drugs that even after all he had witnessed in his own personal life they had pushed him to the point that he would even feel like he needed to ask his father this question!!! Clearly our troops are being pressured into taking these drugs & have been drugged out of their minds for many years now – even to the point of this is the first war in which we are losing more troops to suicide than combat!!

I urge you to share this information with local reporters & everyone you know as a warning of the most deadly aspects of these drugs we mistakenly call “antidepressants”! Send them to read my FDA presentations how how these drugs can produce such violence at (located just under the picture of my book on the right side) & to our database of cases like this one at so they can see the evidence that does exist & is presented in courtrooms in these cases. None of this should remain hidden from the public because this is a public safety issue!!!

Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness &
Author: “Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare –
The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon
Us & Our World” & CD on Safe Withdrawal “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”


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