Mark and Cheryl Miller Testify Before the FDA on the Zoloft-Induced Suicide of Their Only Son, Matt, 13

Matt Miller

Matt Miller, 13

I hope you have all had the opportunity to visit our website’s video section at to view testimonies from all of us to the FDA in the 1991, 2004 and 2006 hearings on antidepressant-induced suicide. You will see clearly that the FDA should have taken action on the SSRI antidepressants back in 1991 when Prozac was the only SSRI on the market – long before all of the other Prozac clones appeared on the market to result in the killing so many more innocent victims.

Below is a link to the testimony of Mark and Cheryl Miller in February of 2004 about the Zoloft-induced suicide of their 13 year old son, Matt, after only 7 pills. You will also find these testimonies listed in our database of Antidepressant Nightmares at www.ssristories.NET Mark originally set up our website in 1997 and served as our webmaster for the next decade.

Video link to FDA hearing:

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

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