RISPRDAL & ANTIDEPRESSANT? Mother Decapitates Three Month Old Daughter

Deasia Watkins

Deasia Watkins, 20

When SSRI antidepressants gained popularity in the early 90’s we began to witness something rarely, if ever, seen before – mothers taking the lives of their children. I began gathering those cases and investigating them finding that nearly every case involved the mother’s use of an antidepressant. In 1999 I did the Leeza Gibbons Show on mothers on antidepressants killing their children. We now have a searchable database of these cases documenting the antidepressant involved in each case posted, along with school shootings and mass murders and murder/suicides, at www.ssristories.NET

In this case the mother reportedly suffers from postpartum psychosis now but all anyone seemed to be talking about in the press conference with the prosecutor and coroner was postpartum depression. My concern is that she was given an antidepressant for postpartum depression that CAUSED the psychosis. At that point what is generally done by doctors is that they then abruptly discontinue the antidepressant when patients began to have this reaction [I might add here that they do that even though the FDA has warned that ANY abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant, whether increasing or decreasing the dose, can cause suicide, hostility or psychosis.] and give them a drug like Risperdal in an attempt to stop the psychosis. That only makes the reaction worse since both of these drugs increase serotonin levels. And this is what we know about serotonin and violence: The Key to Human Violence is an Excess of Serotonin – https://www.drugawareness.org/mutant-mice-key-to-human-violence-an-excess-serotonin/

To read more on this particular case click the link below to the original news article….

Original article: http://www.wave3.com/story/28546504/mother-that-decapitated-3-month-old-suffers-from-postpartum-psychosis

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