Royal College of Psychiatrists: “Antidepressant Withdrawal Severe, Not Mild”

  • Royal College of Psychiatrists: “Antidepressant Withdrawal Severe, Not Mild”
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists: “Antidepressant Withdrawal Severe, effects of withdrawing from antidepressants were branded ‘mild’
  • But the Royal College of Psychiatrists has now changed its position to ‘severe’  
  • This is yet another very serious aspect of antidepressants I have been screaming about at the top of my lungs & streaming across the top of our website warning to microtaper off these drugs for a QUARTER OF A CENTURY NOW….but lets make this point very clear….I do NOT make that statement to gloat. I make that statement to point out HOW VERY LONG this information has been available to both doctors who have been jeapordizing their patients lives & health, both mental & physical, by taking them off abruptly & also available to so many patients who so desperately needed it. All the while far too many doctors have dismissed patients who have tried to tell them this, while labeling those patients “delusional” or “hypocondriacs”  for reporting this severe withdrawal to them which we have long referred to as a quick trip to hell!  Sadly, how many have lost their lives & suffered immeasurably as a result during all that time!
The shock of the abrupt withdrawal can produce suicidal ideation, psychosis, mania or bipolar, homicidal ideation, akathisia, severe insomnia, REM Sleep Disorder, etc.
In order to avoid having to repeat myself over & over & over again in helping people learn the method we had learned through our own research & through trial & error over the years I put out my CD on safe withdrawal, “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!” That was back in June of 1999 when I was about to do a radio interview with Coast to Coast radio with 20 million listeners on the subject of the Columbine High School massacre. After all those people learned about the effects of these drugs in producing Columbine I did NOT want to repeat myself millions of times to those wanting to know how to come off these drugs!! So a CD that could repeat that for me seemed to be the smartest way to go.
Here is the link to that CD/MP3 on safe withdrawal: