Besides all the killing he apparently set his home on fire as well because the bodies of his wives & children had to be pulled out of the burning home. So there was arson, mass murder & suicide, random killing using a bat (baseball bats seem to be very common in antidepressant murders), extreme violence…

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ANTIDEPRESSANT??? Spanaway, WA Husband Confesses to Killing Wife & Daughter, Before Attempting to Kill Self

“Washington state is loaded to the gills with antidepressants! Do you know what these drugs do? They cause you to act out your worst nightmare & that is called a REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD). Of those being diagnosed with RBD 86% are taking an antidepressant. And of those suffering RBD 80% hurt themselves or someone else. If Dean seemed to really love his wife & daughter this would have been his worst nightmare. Someone had better start asking about meds! (By the way I was the expert in comedian Phil Hartman’s murder/suicide & their wrongful death suit has been settled by the makers of Zoloft.)”

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Keep in mind as you read this article that ANTIDEPRESSANTS ARE NOW THE BIGGEST CAUSE OF BIPOLAR DISORDER ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!! This week the New York Times had the most in depth article we have seen to date on the accused Aurora movie theater shooter, James Holmes. The article begins with the most critical information…

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School Shooting Is Another Opening to Talk About Guns

After working as an expert in school shootings for the past two decades I have to disagree with the idea that school shootings are a gun problem or a bully problem. The world should have been able to see that after Josh Powell set his home on fire with him & his two children inside. There are many ways to kill if you are determined to do so.

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PROZAC: Man Engaged in Massive Self-Mutilation: Lawsuit: Illinois

A man claims he has cut numerous parts of his body, including his
testicles, because his former psychiatrist refused to prescribe him the correct

Anthony Gay filed a lawsuit April 12 in Madison County
Circuit Court against Claudia Kachigian.

Gay claims he self mutilates
himself because of anxiety problems. The only medication that prevents Gay from
cutting himself is Busper, according to the complaint. Gay claims he explained
the scenario to his psychiatrist, Kachigian.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Patients Report 20 Times More Side Effects Than Doctors Report

The investigators followed 300 patients who were in
ongoing outpatient treatment for depression over six weeks. The authors compared
what the patient reported on a standardized scale of 31 different side effects
(Toronto Side Effects Scale; TSES) with the information recorded by the treating
psychiatrist on each patient’s chart. The main finding: A stunning disconnect
between psychiatrists and their patients. The average number of side effects

reported by the patients on the TSES was 20 times (!) higher than the number
recorded by the psychiatris. When the investigators concentrated on those side
effects that were most troubling to the patient, patients still reported
2 to 3 times more side effects than were recorded by the treating

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Antidepressant Use Doubles in UK in Past Decade, Even Greater Increase Last Year

Seroxat [Paxil] antidepressant pills.
Photograph: Jack Sullivan/Alamy
The number of antidepressants prescribed by the NHS
has almost doubled in the last decade, and rose sharply last year as the
recession bit, figures reveal.

The health service issued 39.1m prescriptions for drugs to tackle depression in England in 2009, compared
with 20.1m in 1999 – a 95% jump. Doctors handed out 3.18m more prescriptions
last year than in 2008, almost twice the annual rise seen in preceding years,
according to previously unpublished statistics released by the NHS’s Business
Services Authority.

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