PROZAC: Police Release Findings in Sparks NV School Shooting

Jose Reyes

12 Year Old Jose Reyes,

Sparks Middle School Shooter – 3 Days on Prozac

Thanks to our Washington Director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness for bringing this information to us. If you will watch the video posted below, Why I Took a Gun to School, you will meet Jay and his son and see why this is such a big issue for Jay.

The Sparks Nevada student, Jose Reyes, was only 12 when he shot and killed a teacher, Michael Landsberry, who was attempting to stop the shooting, and wounded two other students before killing himself. He had been placed on generic Prozac only three days earlier and wrote two suicide notes.

Think that is not enough of one of these drugs to cause a murder/suicide? Then you need to read the transcripts of the Tobin vs Glaxo case in Cheyenne, WY where Donald Schell took only two pills of the antidepressant Paxil before rising early the morning after the second pill to shoot his wife, visiting daughter and baby granddaughter, before shooting himself. After hearing all the evidence with the majority of it coming from Glaxo’s expert witness, Dr. John Mann, the jury ruled that the two pills of Paxil were the main cause of this tragedy and awarded $6.4 Million to the family for that.

I encourage you to listen to the only school shooter who has survived to tell his story before a camera. See the second link below to watch his video “Why I Took a Gun to School” from the Gary Null movie The Drugging of Our Children.

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Why I Took a Gun to School:

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