PROZAC: Man Engaged in Massive Self-Mutilation: Lawsuit: Illinois

A man claims he has cut numerous parts of his body, including his
testicles, because his former psychiatrist refused to prescribe him the correct

Anthony Gay filed a lawsuit April 12 in Madison County
Circuit Court against Claudia Kachigian.

Gay claims he self mutilates
himself because of anxiety problems. The only medication that prevents Gay from
cutting himself is Busper, according to the complaint. Gay claims he explained
the scenario to his psychiatrist, Kachigian.

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MEDICATIONS: Yet Another So Called “Terrorist” on Meds!

Mohamed Mahmood Alessa, 20, of North Bergen, N.J.,
and Carlos Eduardo Almonte, 24, of Elmwood Park, N.J., were reportedly nabbed
with help from an undercover rookie New York policeman of Egyptian descent, The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J.,
reported. Alessa’s mother, Nadia Alessa, told CNN she thought the man Alessa
and Almonte called “Bassim” recorded provocative remarks the pair made and built
a case against them.

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SSRIs: Emotional Detachment: Personality Changes & Reduction in Positive…

Selective serotonin reuptake
inhibitors (SSRIs), mainstays of psychopharmacology, effectively eliminate
suicidal ideation — not to mention feelings of exhilaration, caring, and

A recent study published in the British Journal of
Psychiatry found that the majority of patients taking SSRIs experienced

emotional detachment, feelings of indifference, personality changes, and a
reduction in positive and negative emotions.[1]

tens of millions of patients in the United States take SSRIs daily. However,
evidence pertaining to the long-term effects of these drugs is scant. “In a few
decades, as many as 15% of the world’s population might be on SSRIs,” comments a
psychiatrist. “Although the suicide rate might decrease, I wonder what the
long-term effect will be.”

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Man Has Huge Cache of Weapons in his House: MA

A Massachusetts man is in jail facing weapons charges after his wife turned him in

to police for having a huge cache of weapons, including rifles, tear gas
grenades and explosives, inside his North Shore condominium.

Girard, 45, of Manchester-by-the-Sea was arrested Tuesday, police said, after he
allegedly told officers he was preparing for Armageddon.

He allegedly
told his wife, Kristine Girard, a licensed psychiatrist, that he was convinced
the end of the world was near.

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CELEXA: 18 Year Old High School Student Threatens Classmates:

An 18-year-old
Western Albemarle High School student accused of threatening to kill four
students was denied bond this morning in Albemarle County General District

Patrick Dittmar Crider has been held in Albemarle-Charlottesville
Regional Jail on a charge of threatening to kill or harm someone on school

property in connection with threats made against fellow students on Facebook.
Dr. Vanessa Camperlengo, a psychiatrist specializing in children and
adolescents, testified today that she didn’t believe Crider was a threat to
himself or others.

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ANTIDEPRESSANT: Murder-Suicide: Mother Strangles her 2 Children: Kills Self

A mentally-disturbed mother who was found hanged in

her flat near the strangled bodies of her two children told a psychiatrist she
“wanted to take her son’s life and then her own” three weeks before they died, a
coroner’s inquest was told yesterday.

Concerned she might injure herself
and others, she was sent to hospital for compulsory observation.

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