ANTIDEPRESSANTS – How We Are All Adversely Affected

I am going to share a couple of experiences in my life today to help you to see how incredibly widespread the nightmare of these antidepressants really is.

This is a picture of me walking past the hearse today to dedicate my mother’s grave as her final resting place. The look on my face is not from anything to do with burying my mother, instead it is shock from seeing the grave next to the hearse just a few graves away from my parent’s graves.

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ANTIDEPRESSANT?? Another Great Comedian, Robin Williams, Lost to Suicide or Murder by Prescription?

According to reports Robin Williams had recently been dealing with alcohol problems and went into rehab. Rehabs are notorious for prescribing antidepressants! I would hope his family would persue this and look for what really happened to Robin. If an antidepressant had been consumed this was not a suicide, but a premeditated murder! Warnings should be given for those who have had problems with alcohol or drugs in the past.

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Media Bias on Antidepressants Astounding!

Bravo to Dr. Urato for working to get this information out to a far too unsuspecting public!!!! Thanks to David Bostrom for bringing this article to us. I have specialized in antidepressant adverse reactions for 25 years now and have a large book out on the subject, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare! For many years now I have worked to get the media in Utah, where so many women of child bearing age are on these drugs, to address the Autism/Antidepressant link to no avail.

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