ANTIDEPRESSANTS – Woman Cuts off Man’s Penis and Kills Him With Hammer


Hong Kong – Woman (41) Beats Man (32) to Death With

Hammer After Drugging Him, Cutting Off His Penis & Flushing It

The article ran March 12, 2014 and it is now one week later with not one of you reporting it to me when there were almost 20,000 shares of the article. You are really slipping! This makes me wonder what I am doing wrong in teaching you how to spot these antidepressant-induced crimes. This is NOT just my responsibility. I really do need your help in documenting these. All of us are suffering as a society because of the widespread use of these drugs. If we cannot show the world the connection to the drugs in order to stop this drug-induced insanity, I do not want to see what is coming for all of us as an end result!

Excerpts from the London Daily Mail article below give us the story of what happend…

“… Yeung Ki attacked Zhou Hui, her now-married former longtime lover, and flushed his penis down the toilet after feeding him with drug-laced soup, the South China Morning Post reported

“… in 2007, she lost contact with him. Already pregnant, she traced him on the mainland and discovered he was married.
Zhou asked her to abort the child, but she refused. They ceased contact until 2012, when Zhou called her saying he missed her and visited her several times.

Attack and Rape By Zhou

Yeung told police in an interview shown in the court that on the last visit, Zhou had beaten her and her four-year-old daughter because she refused to give him $28,000 to buy a car.
Zhou had also told Yeung he had nude pictures of her which he would post on the internet unless she gave him the money. He then stripped her and had forcible sex with her on the bed.
Zhou ‘beat her, pushed her to the floor, and slapped their daughter’.
During the fight, the girl was sent out to the apartment balcony, while Zhou then ‘forcibly had sex with her’, the High Court heard.

Drugged Soup, Severed and Flushed Penis, and

Subsequent Beating to Death With Uncountable Hammer Blows

“… Afterwards, Yeung fed him with the drug-laced soup, took a pair of scissors and cut off his penis which she flushed down the toilet.
When Zhou was awakened by the pain, he started beating her and as they fought, she saw a hammer and grabbed it to bash him in the face.

… Yeung beat him to death with an ‘almost uncountable’ number of blows from a hammer to his face and the back of his head, prosecutor Nicholas Adams said.
After the killing, Yeung wrapped the body in a bed sheet and covered it with a mattress.
The following day, Yeung took her daughter to a Social Welfare Department centre where she wept and confessed she had severed Zhou’s penis and killed him.

Yeung Ki Suffered From Depression

‘I cut it,’ Yeung told a social worker. ‘I think it was cruel. I did not mean it.’
Yeung says she is not guilty of murder and that she was provoked and suffered from depression.

Now let me point out the main thing, beyond the statement by her that she was suffering from depression that caused this, that would indicate to me she was currently taking an antidepressant when this occurred. This is the “almost uncountable number of hammer blows.

Most humans would find themselves incapable of this, but especially a woman. On an antidepressant this is not the case. I had a woman that it took three big police officers to take her down on Paxil and she nearly ended up taking them down. In another case we had a woman on Paxil who stabbed her husband 200 times. It has to do with the super human strength so many patients report – the steroid effect of these drugs.

About a decade and a half ago I took a neighbor with me to go look at a vehicle for sale across town in Salt Lake City, Utah. As we walked in the door the woman saw my button that said “Just Say No to Prozac” and she immediately began telling us why Prozac was the worst drug on the planet. She said she had no doubt that the first case of cutting off a penis that had recently been reported with Lorena and John Wayne Bobbit involved the use of Prozac. (Subsequent reports would certainly indicate both were on antidepressants after the incident if not before!) Her reason for that is she wanted to do the same. Instead she took a chain saw to every tree on their property. Then she stripped nude and got on her roof to dance with butcher knives. At that point neighbors called 911 and the fire department responded by calling her husband to coax her down off the roof.

Elevated Serotonin = Violent Crime

Remember that elevated levels of serotonin have long been associated with violent crime.

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

International Coalition for Drug Awareness &
Author: ”Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World” & Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”

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