5 Yr old Boy Thrown by Stranger from 3rd Floor of MN Mall

With so many on antidepressants now, which are known to produce impulsive and very violent behavior, do you really believe anyone is safe attempting to go about living a normal life?! “They’re still trying to determine the motive.”
 Keep in mind that MN is right next to Wisconsin where a 10 year old medicated girl just stomped on a baby’s head killing him a couple of months ago.
And the kids in Parkland, FL think banning guns is going to put an end to this type of insane violence?! Shall we ban shoes & malls too, or just malls more than one story high?
Everyone needs to read this shocking truth about the  serotonin lies we have been told in an effort to market antidepressants!

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: https://www.crimeonline.com/2019/04/12/breaking-5-year-old-boy-has-significant-injuries-after-someone-threw-him-from-3rd-floor-balcony-at-mall-of-america/

 They’re still trying to determine the motive.

“At this time, we do not believe that there is a relationship between the child or the family of the child,” Bloomington Chief of Police Jeff Potts said, according to CNN. “The child did suffer significant injuries. The child has been transported to the hospital and has been receiving care.”

The boy was transferred to the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. His family is with him.

The story is developing.

ANTIDEPRESSANT: Serious Asault for Declining to Shake Hand of Stranger: AU

NOTE FROM Ann Blake-Tracy:

Please note that this young man had been given antidepressants
two years before after a car accident that was so serious that they other driver
died at the scene. In such an accident the head is jerked so violently that even
though it may not be apparent there is generally a closed head injury as the
brain slams against the skull. Antidepressants are contraindicated in those with
head injuries and in my opinion should never be given after an accident like
For additional reference on this aspect the warnings
on Wellbutrin seem to be one of the most detailed for those with head
Second through fourth paragraphs from the end read:  ”
‘His behaviour on that night was entirely out of character,‘  Mr
Clarke said.”

“ ‘Mr Mansfield does not represent an ongoing threat to the

“Mr Clarke said Mansfield had been on

antidepressants since a traffic accident in 2006 when the elderly
driver of the car he collided with died at the scene.”


Punch knocks teeth out

Kieran Campbell | 17th October 2009

WHEN a man wouldn’t

shake Daniel Liam Mansfield’s hand during Australia Day celebrations he punched
him so hard it snapped a tooth off at the gum.

Tipping the scales at
150kg, Mansfield, nicknamed Tank by his mates, packed plenty of

His victim, 80kg Joseph Leonard McLucas, was only hit once but
would still undergo more than $20,000 worth of restorative dental

The pair were strangers to each other when they met on East Street,
Rockhampton, on the morning of January 27 last year.

Mr McLucas, 18,
politely refused to shake hands and walked away before Mansfield, 25, landed the
costly blow.

Mr McLucas fell to his knees and started spitting up blood
and teeth.

One tooth was snapped off at the gum and another was knocked
completely out. Other teeth were chipped and loose.

Mansfield walked past
the teenager, telling him he should have shaken his hand.

He jumped into
his car and was driven to a service station where he washed a cut on his hand

from the attack.

Back on East Street, a mate took off his shirt to apply
pressure to Mr McLucas’s mouth before an ambulance arrived and took him to
Rockhampton Hospital.

Mr McLucas was then taken to a Brisbane hospital to

have his lip reconstructed.

On Thursday Mansfield blubbered in
Rockhampton District Court after he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily
harm to Mr McLucas.

He wiped his nose with tissues from his pocket as
barrister Jeff Clarke told the court Mansfield was “a young man of high
character” who was “very sorry for what he did”.

Mansfield was jailed for

two years but he will only spend six months behind bars.

Crown prosecutor
Julie Marsden described the Australia Day incident as an “unprovoked, cowardly
attack on a young man”.

Mansfield was supported in court by his
girlfriend and by his parents, who he lives with at Taroomball, between Yeppoon
and Emu Park on the Capricorn Coast.

Mr Clarke handed up in court a large
series of references for the machinery operator who he said “is not the type of
fellow who goes around looking for trouble”.

“His behaviour on that night
was entirely out of character,” Mr Clarke said.

“Mr Mansfield does not
represent an ongoing threat to the community.

Mr Clarke said Mansfield
had been on antidepressants since a traffic accident in 2006 when the elderly
driver of the car he collided with died at the scene.

Mansfield asked his
barrister to offer a public apology to Mr McLucas.