94-year-old mother was placed on Zoloft

My 94-year-old mother was placed on Zoloft when she became depressed because she was probated and placed in a nursing home. She is not the least bit feeble, but a few out-of-state family members had her declared incompetent, took her money, put her in a nursing home with a DNR. When she was given Zoloft, she hallucinated and saw the devil, complained of ”improper sexual thoughts”, and made a plan to run away from the nursing home and throw herself in front of a car in the highway. The doctor and guardians kept telling me that she just had to get used to the drug. They put an ankle alarm on her to keep her inside the nursing home. When she was finally taken off it took a fair amount of time for her to stop hallucinating. She has not been the same since this happened. Their rationalization: they didn’t want her to be depressed.



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