Drug the Victims! – The PTSD Crisis That’s Being Ignored: Americans Wounded in Their Own Neighborhoods

PTSD in city

The PTSD Crisis That’s Being Ignored:

Americans Wounded in Their Own Neighborhoods

Drug the Victims! Pharma has come up with yet another market created by their own meds! – The PTSD Crisis That’s Being Ignored: Americans Wounded in Their Own Neighborhoods

The following comment is what I responded to: Vonrock: “OK Barack here’s your chance at stemming gun violence. Help real people.”

And my response pretty much covers where they are headed with this drugging of the victims who could easily be victims of those on these same medications as they are behind the majority of shootings: “You do not stem gun violence by treating PTSD because PTSD is NOT what makes these people violent. What makes them violent are the drugs they prescribe for PTSD that already have listed (admitted – is that a confession?!) side effects of both “homicidal and suicidal ideation” and those drugs are antidepressants. Now keep in mind that “ideation” means obsessive and compulsive thoughts and actions of both homicide and suicide.

“It has LONG been known that increasing levels of serotonin produces violence out of the blue. And impairing the metabolism of serotonin (called serotonin reuptake inhibition) in order to increase the levels of serotonin can produce impulsive murder and suicide. Yes I can give you those references because I have been testifying as an expert in criminal cases involving antidepressants since 1992. The whole world needs to hear what comes out in courtrooms about these drugs! It is a public safety issue. But drug companies have made so much money of these drugs that they have bought off everyone when it comes to these meds.

“Just in the 90’s the makers of Prozac, Eli Lilly, alone paid out at least a Billion dollars to pay off lawsuits and place gag orders on those settling so that they could continue to peddle their wares.

“Ever wonder how much Pharma stock Obama owns? What about judges? What about lawmakers? What about the doctors prescribing the drugs? And who would the media get to advertise without these drugs?

“(Would be more than happy to share supporting references for any and all of those statement if anyone wants them.)”

vonrock: “Thank you! Knowledge is most important here.”

Antidepressants CAUSE PTSD and should never be given as a treatment for that because they make the condition far worse. PTSD is an anxiety disorder and Dr. Murray Essler from Australia found in a study in 2000 that those suffering various anxiety disorders have serotonin levels EIGHT times higher than normal. He immediately began asking why on earth doctors are then giving antidepressants, which increase serotonin even further, as a treatment for anxiety disorders like PTSD. There are many other ways to treat PTSD and antidepressants are not it!

Original article: http://www.propublica.org/article/the-ptsd-crisis-thats-being-ignored-americans-wounded-in-their-own-neighbor?utm_source=et&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dailynewsletter

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