5 Dead in Phoenix Murder/Suicide



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5 Dead in Phoenix Murder/Suicide

Thanks to Adrianne Tracy Bentley? and Bev Simmons? for alerting us to this case out of Phoenix.

Michael Guzzo ran next door and shot and killed four neighbors and their dogs and tried to kill other neighbors before going home and shooting himself. Several months earlier he had let neighbors know that he could not handle their barking dogs.

Anyone having trouble with sleep cannot handle barking dogs and sleep deprivation is possibly the most common adverse reaction to an antidepressant and even more so in withdrawal from an antidepressant. Sleep deprivation can produce psychotic breaks.

Also anyone with a serious head injury cannot handle loud noises. Add to that the fact that antidepressants make that sensitivity even worse and should never be given to anyone with a head injury. That is according to Neurologist Dr. Jay Seastrunk and the Wellbutrin package insert – still waiting for all the other companies to warn of that. And that is one reason why I have always wondered why we do not have more shootings over kids blaring their music from their cars.

It would not surprise me at all to learn this is the case in this tragedy if anyone will look to find it.

The head injury leaves one in a position of increased possibility of seizure activity. The loud noises and the antidepressants increase that as well. Anger outbursts are also related to seizure activity which is an over stimulation of the brain….all of that is linked together as is the fact that mania which is a form of psychosis is a continuous series of mild seizures. And this all boils down to the fact that if you do not want to go insane avoid as much as possible that will over stimulate the brain – something our world appears to be full of stimulants of every kind possible.

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