9-Year Old Nephew on Prozac

“I was infuriated that a child…could be medically prescribed a drug that causes…violence and turmoil in the world.”


I just discovered recently that my nephew, only 9 is on Prozac. I was infuriated that a child, any child whom hasn’t lived in this world long enough could be medically prescribed a drug that causes enough violence and turmoil in the world, when prescribed to adults, let alone children! I am in the process of assisting my sister with this issue, however my nephew is living in a foster home with foster parents and it is my understanding that they (foster parents) and the state of Texas Human Resources are they ones who suggested this “drug” due to the fact that my nephew had currently tried running away. If you have any suggested medical research that could help us, or know people with similar cases, please feel free to give them my e-mail. Thank you very much. My heart goes out to your family. May God watch over you always.

Maria Rodriquez-Olivas



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