Michael Tanouye

Michael Tanouye, 29

Sexual aggression can be part of a manic psychosis. Inappropriate sexual behavior has always been known to be a part of mania which is where the term Nymphomania comes from. So common is this that the man in charge of the sex abuse program for the state of Utah told me that he would estimate that a good 80% of those in prison for sexual offenses were on antidepressants at the time of the crime! For more information on this aspect of the meds you can view this video of my 2006 testimony before the FDA Advisory Committee on Antidepressants and Young Adults:

One very critical point to make in this case is that the young man is Oriental and most antidepressants were never tested on those of this race. This is a point that was used in the case of an Oriental man who attacked someone at work with a hammer, then went home and drowned himself and his two children in a bathtub. The fact there was no testing helped in winning the wrongful death case. It all has to do with the liver enzymes that metabolize these drugs. We know 7% to 10% of those of the Caucasian race lack the P450 2D6 liver enzyme necessary in metabolizing SSRI antidepressants.

What happened in the attack on the flight as taken from the original article below:

A 29-year-old Hawaii man sparked terror on a Japan Airlines flight after sexually assaulting a female passenger in the plane’s bathroom, the FBI have said.

Michael Tanouye, who was traveling with his mother, allegedly forced his way into the restroom an hour and 45 minutes after the flight to Kansasi, Japan, took off from Honolulu International Airport

He then tried to take the Japanese passenger’s clothes off, before exposing himself, it is said. While struggling with Tanouye, the unnamed woman managed to push an emergency button.

However, she remained trapped with him for a few minutes as the flight crew, other passengers and her panicked mother tried to open the bathroom door, which the suspect was allegedly blocking.

Before the alleged attack, Tanouye was heard shouting words that were incomprehensible, FBI Special Agent Necosie Wilson wrote in an affidavit.

Three passengers were needed to subdue suspect, FBI affidavit states

His mother reportedly told a flight attendant he suffered from depression and was on medication, while Tanouye stood up and walked around the plane ‘calmly’.

Flight attendants agreed not to serve him alcohol because he was on medication. After the incident, Tanouye’s mother gave him a dose of his medicine and he fell asleep, the affidavit said.


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