ANTIDEPRESSANT??? Fremont High, Ogden, UT Student Planned Shooting

Fremont High School

Fremont High, Ogden, UT, Student With Gun

Freemont High School in Ogden, UT was put on lockdown for three hours today. Yet another school shooting incident was prevented by students reporting seeing another student with a gun. Swat teams were called in and the student arrested.

“In an interview with detectives the student said he had brought the gun to school with the intent to shoot a particular student then to open fire on other classmates.”

Database of School Shootings/Antidepressant Involved

Share this database of school shootings and the antidepressant connection to each of them:

Why I Took a Gun to School – A School Shooter Speaks Out

Please share Corey’s story so others can learn how antidepressants cause so many of these school shooting incidents. This is an interview about how he took a gun to school. This is the only school shooter I am aware of to speak out about why he took a gun to school:

ORIGINAL ARTICLE on today’s shooting incident:

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