ANTIDEPRESSANT? Kayelyn Louder autopsy inconclusive after body found of woman who disappeared

Kaylen Louder

Kayelyn Louder

This case is so similar to one of the first cases I worked on with a nurse on Prozac. The last thought she recalled having was that she should get a particular gift for her ex-husband. Next she knew she was being arrested for shoplifting and child abandonment! She had left the house without her purse and phone and her daughter who was luckily sleeping. She learned that she drove to a store, picked up the gift and a bag of popcorn and walked out of the store with no thought of paying for anything and then did not have her purse to pay for it anyway. Then she began calling out frantically for her daughter who she thought was with her.

In REM Sleep Disorder (RBD) patients act out dreams or nightmares in a sleep state – 86% of those being diagnosed with RBD are taking an antidepressant. Tragically with little brain function other than automated behavior 80% of those going into RBD hurt themselves or someone else and it has been known to even result in suicide or murder.

According to her toxicology report: “Her toxicology report indicated nothing fatal or illegal in her system,”

Antidepressants are not illegal. Were those drugs found in her system? If someone had given Kayelyn an antidepressant for her recent depression this could be what happened to her and why police thought she was suffering delusions before she disappeared and was later found dead. She had made 3 bizarre 911 calls.

According to a previous article:

“Police say Kayelyn Louder, missing since Sept. 27, made three odd 911 calls prior to her disappearance, leading police to believe she may be confused and possibly delusional.

“The 30-year-old woman has not been seen since surveillance cameras at her condominium recorded her leaving the building at 5:45 p.m. that day, barefoot in a tank top and shorts, despite the pouring rain. Louder left behind her keys, cellphone and a pet dog that family members say was her constant companion.

“The night before she disappeared, Louder received “disappointing employment news” about a job she was applying for, Murray police officer Kenny Bass said Wednesday.

“Louder called 911 a few minutes before 9 p.m. reporting a “large fight” involving armed individuals in the clubhouse at her condominium, Bass said. When officers arrived, they found a wedding reception and no one with any knowledge of a fight.

“Later that night, Louder called 911 again and hung up. When dispatchers called back, Louder told them she was fine, but the call takers responded she seemed confused and wasn’t making sense, Bass said. Officers went to Louder’s apartment to check on her, but she had left, according to her roommate.

“The next day, Louder made a third 911 call at 8:18 a.m., saying her apartment was being burglarized. Dispatchers kept her on the phone while police were notified.

“She could be heard in the background yelling for people to leave,” Bass said. “Her roommate woke up during this time and came down and told her while she was on the phone that there was nobody in the house, the doors were locked and there wasn’t a problem.”

“When officers arrived, they found no signs of a break-in. Louder’s roommate told police that Louder had been acting strange and “delusional,” Bass said.”


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