Brian Larson

Brian Larson

Upon Death of Father’s Murderer,

Dream Helps Son Forgive

In 1990 in Sandy, Utah (where Prozac was known as Sandy Candy since it was the highest use of the drug for one city in America) a man shot another man 5 times. This past Saturday, after 25 years in prison, the shooter, Eugene Woodland, known as “Captain Nemo” died at the age of 85. That night the son of the man, Bruce Larson, who was murdered had a dream in which he saw his father again. While he watched he saw his father warmly embrace the man who took his life thus making it possible for the son to fully forgive the man who took his father from him when he was only 9 years old.


So well loved was Bruce Larson that it took 6 hours for the 4000 to file through for his viewing. Days after the shooting his wife and mother made these statements which are echoed over and over in the comment sections in these recent articles.

“The type of person he was, he probably doesn’t hold it against (the killer) for what he did,” said Karen Larson, his wife of 19 years.

“Had (the killer) known Bruce, he wouldn’t have killed him,” added Larson’s mother, May Larson Darrington. “Everyone who knew him loved him. You couldn’t help it.”

Over the years Larson’s wife, formed a relationship with the murderer’s daughter who was also hurting. Here is one recent statement from the comments on this article by someone who knew the man who killed Bruce Larson: “It surprised us all that Eugene Woodland would do such a thing as take someones life. Fast forward 34 years later to read such a inspiring story of forgiveness is heart felt.”


PLEASE do yourself a really big favor by clicking the following link and reading every word of the article…..and if you know anyone in prison for murdering someone or injuring someone while on an antidepressant PLEASE share the article with them!!!

Article: article/865619377/Captain-Nemo-dies-dream-helps-his-victims-son-fully-forgive-him-years-later.html?pg=all



This was a very early case which took place the same month I was invited to give my very first presentation on Prozac at the Western Institute of Neuropsychiatry, now the University Neuropsychiatric Institute. I was just beginning my research into cases involving these drugs and never had a chance to follow up on this case, but if you will read below you will see just about everything we have come to expect to find in one of these antidepessant-induced tragedies.

Woodland adamantly denied killing Larson, 40, on March 28, 1990. He called the Sandy contractor “the finest human being I’ve ever met.”

This is his version of what happened that day where you can see he has no memory of doing anything and denied it until his death while there were six eye witnesses to the murder:

“While on a routine afternoon walk around the theater, Woodland said, he was chased by two men into an adjoining apartment complex and “beaten and brutalized.”

“They kicked me, knocked me down and stomped on me,” he said. “Then (Glenn) Fisk took a revolver and put it to my neck before I pushed him away. (Fisk) shot himself in the hand as he tried to steady the gun.”

Both Fisk and the other man testified earlier that they tried to apprehend Woodland moments after he shot Larson.

Woodland added that he learned of Larson’s death on a police radio moments after his alleged beating.

The Question of Sane or Insane

He was found incompetent to stand trial until four years later and he refused to allow them to drug him into sanity to face charges. Here are a couple of quotes with additional clues and which you may find as amusing as I did because he made some very good points:

“But Stirba said Monday that the same doctors have evaluated him since he was returned to the Salt Lake County Jail and believe he has “cycled back into his manic-depressive state.”

“Woodland protested Stirba’s decision. “I’ll be buried out there in that Provo nuthouse,” he said, complaining that the “stigma of being a nutcake” would negatively affect his reputation and his family’s reputation.

“I feel I have a right to stand trial and prove my innocence because I am innocent,” Woodland said. “I think they should test the doctors. One time they say I’m competent and the next time they say I’m not.”

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