ANTIDEPRESSANTS??? 100 Year Old Kills Wife, 88, With Ax & Commits Suicide

police investigation

Police Investigate Murder/Suicide

They tried to say my father had dementia. Instead he was having adverse reactions to Ativan. Prescription drugs produce more dementia than most anything else. And after specializing in adverse reactions to antidepressants for 25 years now and tracking these cases of murder/suicide to document antidepressant use I would add that had anyone known much about antidepressants they would have known that the false allegations this man had recently made toward his wife was a clear sign he was suffering serious reactions to antidepressants and about to snap. These drugs were most likely either prescribed to him the year before when he was transported to a Psych hospital or they increased his dose at that time – standard practice and one that leads to serious reactions. ( )

“Sometimes he was lucid and sometimes he wasn’t,” a relative told the site.

Another neighbor said that the pair’s daughter had urged her mother to move in with her in Florida.

“The daughter was saying, ‘Mom, come to me, because we know he’s not stable,’ ” the neighbor told CBS News.

“It really is sad – and shocking, to be honest,” she said. (

We had two similar cases in Utah. One in Layton, UT in 1992 was reported to me by a well known doctor who was very close to the family of Ronald Cunningham who used an ax to kill his wife and daughter while they slept. Mr. Cunningham was acting completely out of character for the man this doctor and his family knew and he was taking Prozac at the time of the murders.

Then about three years ago in St. George, UT a 76 year old man used a hammer beat his 76 year old wife to death. The difference is that they had an ideal marriage according to all who knew them and taught a marriage and family class.

Here is a quote from those who knew them for over 12 years: “Several neighbors in the area told The Spectrum they believed the cause for Benson’s alleged behavior could be related to an adverse reaction to medications he may have been on at the time.”

And here is a quote from the police: “Benson struck his wife in the back of the head with a hammer and then “repeatedly in the face” after she dropped to the floor, the charges state. “David kept saying he didn’t know why he did it.”

“Police noted in court documents that Benson was “having continual homicidal thoughts toward others and toward himself.”

The elderly and children are the two groups who suffer the most adverse reactions from any medication. When the FDA put the most serious warning of all next to an outright ban on antidepressants they issued a Black Box Warning for suicidal ideation for those under the age of 25. That warning should have been issued for those over the age of 60 as well at the same time. (Actually it should have been issued for any living being! But for the sake of this discussion we will focus on the elderly and the children – the two most vulnerable groups.) Suicidal ideation is little different from homicidal ideation other than who is the focus of the compulsions for killing – the patient or someone else. David Benson described the reaction of homicidal ideation perfectly above. It is constant ruminating thoughts of killing someone along with the same ruminating thoughts of various ways to kill.

It has long been known that increasing serotonin in the way antidepressants do can produce extreme violence. (See the blog post below on the co-pilot of the recent Alps plane crash for the reference on serotonin and violence.)

Here is a database of 5000 other cases: www.ssristories.NET

And here is a blog post on the co-pilot who just took 149 people with him in his antidepressant-induced mass murder/suicide which will give you very cleart examples of homicidal ideation:

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