Esteban Santiago, a soldier from New Jersey, flew into Ft. Lauderdale airport on a Canadian flight, and picked up his luggage with a gun in it. He then went into the bathroom, loaded the gun, and came out shooting in the baggage arealeaving 5 dead and 8 wounded before he was apprehended.

We need to ask about the use of antidepressants with the shooter being in the military due to the very high prescribing of these medications within among military personnel. We will update as information comes in.

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UPDATE 1/8/2017

Well we now know that this young man had been in treatment for psychiatric issues – BIG SURPRISE!!! He was clearly delusional and had been for several months. He had begun having anger outbursts or rage so common with changes in dose with antidepressant medications. According to his friends and others who knew him well the violence was very much out of character for him:

“…shortly after he had returned from Iraq.

“He was very different,” she said in a telephone interview from Puerto Rico. “He told me: ‘You would never want to go to Iraq. I saw horrible things, horrible.’ He was very different. He was sad.”

Delia Candelario, who went to Josefa Vélez Bauzá High School with Mr. Santiago, said he played basketball with the best-behaved boys, who always followed the teachers’ orders.

“He was the most peaceful of all of them,” she said. “He participated in classes and all that, but he was pretty shy.”

Another classmate, Joshua Ortiz, said Mr. Santiago was so quiet that when word got out that someone from their school had committed a massacre, hardly anyone could remember his name.

Mr. Santiago and his friends were “never known to be involved in any problem or any fight during the whole time we were in school,” Mr. Ortiz said. “We wonder, how could his life have changed so much for this to have happened?”

José Hernández, who taught Mr. Santiago history at the school, said: “He was brilliant and did not show any indications of being disturbed. It’s one of those strange cases. There are students who you expect mischief from, but not this one.”