ANTIDEPRESSANT??? Las Vegas Shooting…”A horror show” 59 Dead 515 Wounded

“It was a horror show”: Mass shooting leaves at least 58 dead, 515 wounded on Las Vegas Strip – Las Vegas Review-Journal

This happened in my own backyard. Nevada has been my home for the past seven years, living in South Vegas, and Eastern Clark County including the Mesquite area. So clearly I have been as busy as can be all day long following up on this case.

I will keep you posted on as much information as I can on the case as new info comes in. I will say this, that there is enough information on this shooting already for me to be asking some very serious questions on this case.

Several years ago I worked on the totally out of character case of Donna Fairchild in Mesquite. Donna and her husband were retired Denver, Colorado police officers. She was on the City Council and running for mayor when she decided she wanted to quit smoking.
After taking Zyban (Wellbutrin) for a period of about three months as a stop smoking aid she quit taking the drug, completely unaware that you cannot just stop taking an antidepressant (if she even was made aware that it was an antidepressant she was taking as a stop smoking aid!!!!) and two weeks later shot her husband and herself in the middle of the night. So very similar to what comedian Phil Hartman’s wife did only weeks after having her Zoloft dose cut in half.

Antidepressant-induced REM Sleep Disorder

Donna appeared to have suffered the REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) from the abrupt withdrawal, where you act out nightmares in a dream state. We do know that 86% of those being diagnosed with this deadly sleep disorder are currently taking an antidepressant even though RBD has long been known as a drug withdrawal state – so did that increase her chances of going into this deadly disorder?
RBD has also long been known to include both murder and suicide where a staggering 80% hurt themselves or others. I discuss this deadly disorder at length in my book Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare! And we have a Facebook group as well titled Antidepressant-induced REM Sleep Disorder, found at the following link:

Antidepressant Side Effect of Homicidal Ideation

Daniel P. Linskey, the past Superintendent in Chief, the second highest position in the Boston Police Department, was interviewed Tuesday morning on the Morning Show for Fox News. When asked what the police should be doing in wake of this mass shooting he replied that they should be searching his home for medications that produce “homicidal ideation” as a side effect – medications like antidepressants.
But too few understand the meaning of the term homicidal ideation. The listed side effect of “homicidal ideation” means obsessive compulsive ruminating thoughts and actions of, not just killing, but those same obsessive compulsive ruminating thoughts of various ways to accomplish the killing. When we have little children on these drugs throwing their teddy bears on the floor and screaming over and over again “Kill! Kill! Die! Die!” the feel for the term “homicidal ideation” should be more obvious to people.
One man who had been on Zoloft only three days reported that he wanted to die like he wanted a new Ferrari, but he wanted death not only for himself, but for all his friends. He wanted all of them to get together and die together. That is the side effect to antidepressants known as “homicidal ideation”!

Elevated Serotonin Levels Produce Violence

Read the study below on the following link to show this is a serotonin effect:

1996 – Mutant Mice May Hold Key To Human Violence – An Excess Of Serotonin.


Latest Info: Shooter on Valium & ??? – Does it Affect Serotonin?

Undated photo of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock.

Las Vegas Strip shooter prescribed anti-anxiety drug in June

And here is a comment from someone in the field of neuroscience on this information: “As he’s doing a shot of something…[mixing alcohol with a benzo] I will bet that this is not the first or only Rx,  just the one that showed up on the Nevada Drug Monitoring system due to it being controlled / Schedule IV.  An SSRI [antidepressant], for example, would NOT show up.”
Ann Blake-Tracy “Thank you for sharing that critical piece of information which most people would not even think of which was my first thought as well because everyone knows it is standard procedure to prescribe a benzo with an SSRI and has been from the beginning.”
Also anxiety is EXTREMELY common in rapid or abrupt withdrawal from antidepressants. And does Valium affect serotonin levels? If you read below you will find that it affects serotonin levels to the extent that the toxic serotonin condition known as Serotonin Syndrome can be produced in those taking this drug – especially for those over the age of 60 and Stephen Paddock was 64.

Valium and Serotonin syndrome – from FDA reports

Summary below of this report:

Serotonin syndrome is found among people who take Valium…This review analyzes which people have Serotonin syndrome with Valium. It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 30,254 people who have side effects when taking Valium from FDA , and is updated regularly.