ANTIDEPRESSANTS??? Parents Fear For Their Lives After Discovering Butcher Knife Under Teen Daughter’s Bed

mother on dr phil

This sounds as if this young woman has begun to suffer the antidepressant side effect of not only rage, but homicidal ideation where there are continuous thoughts of killing. See original article with video clip from Dr. Phil below.

A woman I worked with whose 14 year old daughter had been on Paxil for a year and a half learned that her daughter had been making plans to kill her when the daughter as we began to wean her slowly down off the medication through tears confessed this to her mother. Considering the close relationship they shared her mother was absolutely shocked!

Although nothing is revealed in this short clip about the girl using an antidepressant, this teenage girl on Dr. Phil is a perfect example of what I see daily and have seen daily for the over 2 1/2 decades as I have written, lectured and testified in criminal cases involving children on antidepressants.

I wish the whole world would read just one case study I included in my book on these drugs Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare! In the study out of Yale they talk about a 10 year old child described as an excellent student, well behaved child, high achiever, a budding violinist, etc. But professionals felt she was studying too much and gave her a diagnosis of OCD. (Silly me! I thought that studying too much was a big part of how you become and excellent student!)

Once given Prozac for the supposed OCD the little girl began throwing herself downstairs, acting out in every way possible, raging (as you see this young woman doing). She was then dropped abruptly off the medication which the FDA now warns strongly should never be done because it can produce suicide, hostility or psychosis. With no improvement and rapidly declining the little girl was put back on Prozac and then locked in a psych ward where she then began throwing her Teddy Bear on the floor and jumping up and down on it screaming “Kill, kill, kill! Die, die, die!!!!

The case study ended with the little girl remaining locked in a psych hospital 9 months later. How often I have thought of that poor little girl and wondered if she is still alive and what has become of her life since then. What we are doing to our children with these drugs is absolutely criminal and society is paying a very high price for it!

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