ANTIDEPRESSANTS??? The Foster System: Foster Mother Kills 2 Year Old in Her Care

Alex Hill

ALEX HILL, 2, BEFORE CPS (Child Protective Services)


ALEX HILL, AFTER CPS (Child Protective Services)

Additional glaring evidence of what a complete misnomer the “Child Protective Services” really is as yet another child is murdered by her foster mother. Taken by the State from her parents because her father admitted to smoking marijuana after she would go to bed at night. She was then given to a foster family where the father was recovering from a crack cocaine addiction!

What seems to not be commonly known is the massive amounts of drugs that run through the whole CPS. Most children in the Foster Care System are drugged with mind altering/behavior altering medications. To add to that insanity both the CPS workers and foster parents in the system are also heavily medicated. Having a child caught up in this system is about the same as sending these little children straight to hell! This sweet little girl is one of many more whose lives have been shattered by this sick and insane system!

Several years ago Senator Charles Grassley did a probe to investigate how government funds were being milked to fund the mass drugging of these children. The children who have grown up in the system have produced their own YouTube videos about how they were drugged. I have often encouraged those who have lost their children to antidepressant-induced suicides to adopt a child, certainly not to replace their own child, but in order to help an innocent and helpless child escape this insane system.

The workers once off their meds confess of their delusions about Satan worship, other types of assumed abuses and false accusations against parents due to their own antidepressant-induced paranoid delusions. But it comes much too late to put these innocent families back together again. Seems the whole system needs to be dismantled and we need to start over.

I have mentioned before that I did an interview in 1992 with Salt Lake City magazine and the reporter was able to document at that time that 60% of Utah State employees were on antidepressants. Considering this widespread use of antidepressants among government employees and knowing the strong potential effects of these drugs to produce manic psychosis it is easy to see why we now have so much insanity within our government!

Unfortunately the same is true in many other nations around the world. For instance the Australian Parliament admits to 25% of them taking antidepressants.

Start looking around you and you will begin to clearly see the impact of these drugs upon our world. And PLEASE support these parents in raising awareness!!!!



Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

International Coalition for Drug Awareness &
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