BIPOLAR JUDGE: Board Questions Judge’s Mental Health After Courtroom Rant

judge brim

Judge Cynthia Brim

Judge Cynthia Brim removed from the bench
Illinois Courts Commission says unmedicated Cynthia Brim isn’t fit to be a judge

This case will give you a glimpse of how insane the entire judicial system is because of these drugs. Keep in mind that although in a case preparing to go to court we have the right to ask questions about the jury being on antidepressants or having close family members on the drugs, etc. we do not have that right to ask the same about judges!

Make sense to you?


Me either, never has!

I would want to know if the judge is on an antidepressant where they are ruling in a criminal case involving an antidepressant. I would also like to know if they have any financial ties, investments, etc. in an antidepressant as well!

We have way too many medicated judges, medicated attorneys, medicated law enforcement officers, medicated social workers who can make decisions similar to judges. We even have the case of a federal judge in Kansas on antidepressants who killed his wife and himself. Check out our database of cases again to see more or find that one: www.ssristories.NET And I got a report about three years ago of several federal judges who had committed suicide on antidepressants.

Anyway take a look at the case of this judge…..

Judge Cynthia Brim has been suspended, but collecting her $182,000 salary. She told the commission in March she is ready to return to work. Her statement, “I can serve as a judge with full capability as long as I continue to take medication as prescribed.”

She has been hospitalized for psychiatric episodes five times since becoming a judge in 1994! She also acknowledged she hadn’t taken her medications or sought treatment for two years before her latest breakdown. Which means she likely came off her medications too rapidly and it triggered another manic episode later for her.

The ruling said Brim’s mental issues interfered with her ability to do the job and that she “bears responsibility for not seeking the necessary treatment.” So she’s out.

So rather than remove her from the bench because she is taking antidepressants, which likely made her bipolar in the first place, they are removing her because she is NOT drugged!!! If this is not evidence of just how messed up our society is, I don’t know what is!


State Board to Decide if Cook County Judge is Mentally Competent to Sit

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