10 Year Old Son Committed Suicide while Taking Effexor

“Most doctors don’t even have a clue about this stuff!”

He was 10. Red headed, brown-eyed, full of life and laughter. His doctor spent 10 minutes with him and prescribed Effexor XR….said they would “ramp up” from 37.5 mg to 225 mg at which time his symptoms of ADHD would disappear.

They were RIGHT. Our son took 225 mg for exactly one day. We found him hanging in his closet by the belt of his new bathrobe that same night. Total time on Effexor: 27 days, each ramp up worse than the last in side effects. We were never told by the doctor nor the nurse that this drug could cause suicide or other very serious side effects.

We were never told to watch him closely. All I can say is don’t give this medication to your children unless you have all the facts, have been educated and feel you are making an educated decision for your child. Most doctors don’t even have a clue about this stuff! If I knew then what I know now, he would have NEVER been on Effexor or any other drug.

Please help us fight for complete transparency in the FDA and push for the pharmaceutical companies’ complete disclosure of all studies, both positive and negative. It is the only way we will ever be informed parents. Please do not let my son’s death be only for the pharmaceutical companies’ gain. Be informed or refuse the drug outright.

Be SAFE, your kids are depending on you.

Richardson, TX

My Struggles with Prozac

“I’ve tried to come off at least half a dozen times.”

I feel like I really screwed up. In 1998 I read Dr. Peter Kramer’s book “Listening to Prozac,” and I was quietly optimistic about the benefits I could receive. I was mildly depressed, nothing major; but I really wanted to try and see if I could change myself into someone I thought I could be. Indeed, I did, for a while anyway. I felt wonderful, stopped drinking completely (not that I was an alcoholic), and had higher self-esteem; I hardly thought of the future. But, the future came, and I started to notice my bodies negative effects of the drug. I weighed 160lb before starting Prozac. Today, after six years on the drug, I weight 136lb.

I’ve tried to come off at least half a dozen times; every time I feel more committed. My doctor is a good guy, but he doesn’t know what’s going on. I found your web-site on the internet simply by typing in “Help, I can’t get off Prozac.” I’ve ordered your book and the audiotape. I’m also researching supplements that you suggest to help fight against the deleterious side effects that accompany withdrawal. I have just recently begun tapering off, and yes, I will do it very slowly. Thanks for your information. I feel confident about coming off, but I also felt confident the last two times. I thought quitting cigarettes were hard… this is quite a bit harder.

Doug Morgan

Seroxat Caused my Movement Disorder

“I get involuntary movements and muscle spasms. I also still get electric shocks.”

Six years ago I had been taking Seroxat (Paroxetine) for about 2 weeks, I’d noticed that my hands and arms were twitching and moving -involuntary movements. I told the consultant, he told me it was a side effect of the drug but he still increased the dose by 10mg.within a short time of taking it I became very ill. my whole arms were moving and jerking, my legs moving, feet curling, back arching, neck twisting, head bobbing around, tongue twisting in my mouth it felt swollen, slurred speech.

I was writhing around, I couldn’t stand up, it effected my walking and balance, my eyes kept clamping shut so that I couldn’t open them. I was admitted to hospital. they filled in a yellow card. I was told I’d had a very rare adverse reaction to Seroxat and the Dr’s stopped the drug immediately, I now know it is not recommended to come off Seroxat abruptly but at the time I was too ill to question this.

A neurologist told me that Seroxat had called a condition called Dystonia, I’d never heard of it. I get involuntary movements and muscle spasms. I also still get electric shocks. I have had anemia, bad dreams, worsening of mood etc.

I am still effected by this movement disorder, I still get fizzy sensations in my legs, feet etc, I have problems with too much stimulation – feeling over loaded, sound, vibration, flashing lights etc can all trigger the movements off. When this first happened I couldn’t even hold a cup, I used straws.

I have had great support from my husband. My GP and psychiatrist are both convinced that Seroxat has caused my condition. Both the hospital and my GP have filled in the yellow card. I am a member of a on line support group which has helped me a lot.

cheryl farrelly


One and One Half Months off Effexor

“The up side of leaving all these drugs, is feeling like a mental blanket has been removed from my mind.”

I’m 51, legally blind, have extremely negative/violent child abuse history and took Effexor, Depakote and Zyprexa (.5 mg anti-psychotic) to counter borderline psychotic symptoms. I’ve been on all these drugs for 8 years. Since the changes at my HMO, I dropped all medications over the past year. I want to catalogue my symptoms – they are varied and thankfully, not as severe as many other accounts I’ve read. What is different for me, is the rotation of symptoms, there is always something happening, differently, every day.

Zyprexa: After almost 6 weeks off the meds (cold turkey). I went into vomiting that was so severe, I wondered if I would need an ambulance. Having no extra money, canceled that possibility, so I just rode out about 3 hours of dry heaves. That was the one and only episode, I’ve had no symptoms of any kind – no losing myself in memories (not knowing what year it is), no feelings that my furniture is trying to kill me. I really believe, as I’ve taken responsibility/stock of my life, that the underlying anger driving a lot of the above has truly left my life.

Depakote: Had to dump this expensive drug for some liquid generic that caused me to eat over-the-counter antacids like candy. Had no problems getting off either of these drugs.

Effexor: Took 75mg Effexor XR. Dr. tapered me off over three weeks – and after reading “Prozac…” by Dr. Tracy, I waited to degenerate into a blithering idiot. I really got frightened over the possible permanent brain damage. Thankfully, my mind seems intact, but my body is very busy.

Remember the joy of getting on Effexor? The nausea/vomiting. I got to where I always had a ‘to-go’ cup from 7-11 with me for those charming moments with friends and family, when it was simply time to throw-up! I really liked not being actively suicidal and figured the side effects would pass. Thankfully, after about 5 months they did.

The up side of leaving all these drugs, is feeling like a mental blanket has been removed from my mind. Joys/sorrows are right there for me to experience. I notice I have no ‘reserves,’ When I have a mental reaction – good/bad, I’m right out there with it. I’m gradually learning the self-control that is possible for me. There were generations of people that didn’t have to take pills to function – I claim that healing for myself.

On the down side, it is all physical for me. Within weeks of totally stopping the meds, after the ‘tapering-off’ period I ran into the worst muscle aches I’ve ever experienced. A feeling like when you over work a muscle – but all over the body. I do part-time house work and was almost in tears from the pain. I went to a local hotel that provided in-room hot tub and as long as I was physically in the hot water, I had no pain. Upon leaving the water, it all came rushing back. Due to high rent, I have a shower down the hall, and friends generously share their bathtubs with me, when I just can’t take it any more.

Some days I wake up with a free-floating suicidal attitude: “Yeah, nothing is worth anything, you aren’t worth anything…” I’ve learned to ignore this and treat myself like I did when I was battling short-term depression. Show and easy with patience and compassion. When the mind is troubled, the muscles don’t hurt at all.

Within the last two days I’m back to throwing-up all the time. I truly don’t know if this is going to continue, or if I might actually have the flu. I’m pretty sure this is drug withdrawal, it feels very familiar – not the flu. I also go through periods of being totally tired, sleeping for sixteen hours and than, for a day or so, I go back to aching body. It is kind of a circle.

I have decided that the cause of most of my really severe depression (after untangling being raised by a truly psychotic mother) was due to very unrealistic expectations about myself as a legally blind person and our society and how said culture deals with disability. Due to poor self-image, I compensated with terrible arrogance. The government gives me money because statistically 75-80% of the blind can’t find enough work to actually take care of themselves. Lots of reasons, but mainly having to do with not being able to interface with computer equipment (with adaptive, very expensive equip). I refused to deal with this reality and made myself very crazy. There is great wisdom in truly knowing what the ‘truth’ is. Now that I accept the reality of what my body can and can’t do, I can make intelligent decisions about work, staying/leaving government support, etc. I also had to accept the truth that our culture has a real problem with disability in general and blindness in particular. Choosing my battles makes it possible for me to do something valuable, without draining myself so totally, that, guess what?…I go into severe depression.

I hope this is helpful to someone. It is possible to recover and recover well, but it takes time, self-honesty and a willingness to be flexible. I’ve lived through the suicide of four friends, and if I feel like I’m heading in that direction, I’d be at my HMO so fast – thankfully, my psychiatrist is totally supportive of what I’m trying to do. He didn’t feel withdrawal from Effexor was a problem, but he said he’d had problems withdrawing people from Paxil.

Religion can be very helpful, but be careful not to fall into that co-dependent trap of letting someone else ‘think’ for you. THAT also leads to depression.

Jane Kohner
San Francisco Bay Area

Can antidepressants cause Fybromyalga?

“It took me over six months to wean myself off all antidepressants.”

I know antidepressants are used as to alleviate the symptoms of Fybromyalga, but is it possible that antidepressant use actually begins the cycle of pain, sleeplessness, irritable bowel syndrome, etc., that we know of as Fybromyalga?

About five years ago I was in great health, but had a very painful love affair and was beginning menopause. I cried in my doctor’s office, and he insisted I needed antidepressants. He put me on Paxil. After about eight months on Paxil, I went off it because I felt numb emotionally, had completely lost interest in sex, etc. I was then diagnosed with bilateral tendonitis, bursitis, carpel tunnel and arthritis.

All these symptoms came on overnight, so it was pretty amazing. After unsuccessful therapies, my doctor talked me into going back on antidepressants, probably because he thought some of this was in my head. I had a hard time getting back on them, because I had really adverse side effects — severe headaches, vertigo, sleepiness, e! tc.

Finally I started with a tiny dose of Effexor and was able to tolerate it. Got better for a few months, but didn’t like the emotional numbness, lack of sex drive. This time when I went off it I had horrible side effects — electric shocks in my head, headaches, sweats, tremors, nightmares — and severe muscle pain. I was then diagnosed with Fybromyalga and put back on Effexor. Doctor told me Effexor was “masking my Fybromyalga symptoms.” I got better for about six weeks, when they had to up my dosage again. Soon the doctor added a second antidepressant — nortriptyline, which, again, worked for a month or two and then they had to keep upping the dose.

Soon I was having nightmares, couldn’t carry on a conversation, and the pain kept getting worse. I had trouble remembering where I was. Sometimes I had to pull over on the side of the road because I couldn’t remember how to get home. After months like this, I decided the meds WERE the problem, even though the doctors disagreed and said the Fybromyalga was actually causing these symptoms. It took me over six months to wean myself off all antidepressants, and coming off them increased my symptoms, at least temporarily.

During this time I also developed an arrhythmia that I had never had before and my blood pressure jumped from 110/80 to 160/90. Doctor said it’s because I am getting older. I have been off antidepressants for over six months and I still have all the symptoms of Fybromyalga but it is getting better. I see an acupuncturist and a chiropractor, which both seem to help, but I have this very strong feeling that taking the antidepressants hampered my own ability to regulate serotonin and caused Substance P to develop in my spine, which caused the Fybromyalga.

I would like to hear from anyone else who has a case history like this. My sister has Fybromyalga and takes all these antidepressants, and she has gotten much worse. She has had two strokes and now has Parkinson’s.

Linda Valine


My Fear of Falling into Madness

“From the first day I took Zoloft, my life has been miserable.”


I am 23 years old and I’ve been taking psychiatric drugs on and off for the past 8 years. I was first aware something was not right with me when I was 13 and started to experience elevated emotions, whether they were sad or happy or together they where extreme.

At 15 they diagnosed me with manic depression and started treatment with Prozac…which in turn made me manic.

After that bad experience I took no more drugs for 4 years, other than the occasional tranquilizer.

In college I had my first “real” episode and again, at 19 started taking drugs. This time it was Zoloft. From that day on my life has been miserable. I had to drop out of college with only one more year to finish. When I was 22 I had already been hospitalized 7 times (the longest being 45 days long). I’ve had two sessions of ECT and have taken over 25 prescription drugs.

Since I am a rapid cycler, it’s been three years now and I have not been able to get a job, continue my studies or be functional. The few months I have of remission after each episode I use to recover and regain my strength. And although I might be fine, I live each day with the fear of falling into madness.

The reason I write this is because among those 25 drugs I’ve taken, I took Zyprexa. I did not consider myself a fat person. I was not skinny, and I was not fat. When I took Zyprexa I gained 100 pounds. I used to be a size ten and (before I lost some weigh) I was a size 20. (now I am 14-16). With all of my “psychiatric problems” I am thankful that I don’t care about my image as many other do. I mean, I did not die because I was fat.

But that is not all. With Zyprexa I also lost my period for 5 months. And then had it back for 2 months straight. I was in the hospital at the time so they stopped my period. If not, I would never know how much longer it would have been. On a good note, my hair grew a lot and my eyelashes too. My doctor told me that all of these hormonal change had occurred because Zyprexa made me secrete a hormone that is only secreted by pregnant women.

Zyprexa also made me hypertensive and zoomed up my cholesterol levels. So in addition of taking almost 5 different meds a day I also had to take pills for my cholesterol and hypertension.

Zyprexa so far has been the drug that gave me the most side effects. But that also happened because I had an incompetent psychiatrist that gave me a dose up to 45mg!!!! When the top dosage was 20mg.

This man took advantage of me. When I first saw him (he is supposed to be an expert on bipolar disorder and me and my family went all the way to Harvard to see him) he asked me what was the drug that helped me the most. And I said Zyprexa. At that time I took Zyprexa occasionally and only when I was in crisis.

Since I lived in Richmond with my sister, every time I had a crisis or something happened my sister would call and he would up my dose 5mg each time. He totally overmedicated me. And for that I had to suffer more. My sister was no doctor. She did not know the harm she was doing me.

I stopped taking Zyprexa last year. And I have lost 50 pounds. I am not hypertensive anymore, and my cholesterol is back to normal. However, I could have died of a diabetic coma and God knows what else could have happened me. I know there have been people who have died because of Zyprexa. Specially of diabetes. There are around 300 deaths. It must be stopped.

After my last crisis my current doctor (I’ve seen around 10) decided that I should not take medicine anymore, and that I should just live my life. I am in the process of withdrawal. I am taking lithium now (been for a while) which gave me severe psoriasis. I don’t know what else I am taking, since my parents are the only ones who know where and what I take.

I don’t know if my current state (depressed but not psychotic) is due to the lack of medication. I know that I am taking less than half a dose that I used to take.
I hope that maybe no medication will actually make me better. And that my problems are just psychological and not biochemical. I read a lot of RD Laing and I believe in what he says, I just hope life would give me the chance to a full and normal life.

In a good note. I just want to point out that there are good psychiatrists. My third psychiatrist who I had to leave because I moved out of town, was the best. Since I was a college student he charged me less than his normal fee. He would see me at any time of the day. He did not believe in drug companies. And he gave me my meds for free. He was also very hesitant of giving me lithium because he knew it would flare up my (at that time mild) psoriasis. He never gave me labels…in fact he never ever told me that I was bipolar…I had to force him. When I did he said he did not believe in labels…he believed in human beings. I miss him and I know that anyone who has the privilege to have him as a doctor is in great hands.

I hate drug companies, and the capitalist system. We all have the right to get well and worse than not being able to buy meds, is the fact that because of that system we are being forced to take meds and get sick to fill their pockets with filthy money.

My Experience with Zoloft

“While on theses meds, I drove off the highway from the effects of Seroquel.“


My name if Regina Jones. I am a 55 year old white female.

I started taking Zoloft in 1995 when my husband got ill. He was diagnosed with Major Depression, which had affected me.

My Psychiatrist first prescribed Prozac. I was on it for about 4-5 months, with no side effects. My doctor took me off the drug because of the fear of the side effects of
Prozac that hit the news. He started me on Paxil, a fairly new drug. I started to have blood sugar problems. I went to the pharmacy and asked for the information sheet on Paxil. The Pharmacist was hesitant. He thought I would not be able to understand the information. He didn’t know that I had worked in a hospital for 15 years and understood medical terminology quite well.

Near the end of the information, in very small print, it said that a rare side effect was Diabetes. I told my doctor and he took me off Paxil and started me on Zoloft.

My husband’s depression lasted over two years. I remained on Zoloft.

He was forced into retirement at age 47, with 30 years with the telephone company. The same year his mother died.

He retired, and we moved. In those 2 1/2 years, my husband was on 18 different meds.
Within a month after moving, I noticed that something was very wrong with him, but his therapist and Psychiatrist did not believe me.

Nine months later after a numerous list of events regarding my husband, he became Psychotic. Our family doctor recognized Bipolar Disorder in my husband, as he said, “it took me 30 seconds.”

He has been on Depakote since 1999. His whole nature has changed. The doctors still don’t believe me. My husband is a stranger to me and it has broken our 26 year marriage apart.

I truly believe that my husband has become a totally different, non-functioning man, because of all the drugs he has been on.

Me, on the other hand, remained on Zoloft since 1995. After the breakup of our marriage in 2002, I collapsed. I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, PTSD, Hyperglycemic, Major Depression and Suicidal. My therapist had me committed to the hospital. I was seeing a Psychiatrist. I told him that I am very sensitive to all drugs and to please start me slowly on any new drugs. The doctors always know best! They want you at a “therapeutic level” almost immediately!

He started me on Effexor and Seroquel. While on theses meds, I drove off the highway from the effects of Seroquel. I don’t remember anything until I woke up in the hospital ER. I called my doctor and told him that I was not going to take Seroquel any longer. This upset him. As my body was adjusting to the higher levels of Effexor, I grew more agitated and irritable each day. One night I felt that I was going out of my mind, that I was losing control of my thought processes, which scared me, and I felt like pulling my hair out of my head. I called my doctor, screaming at him about this drug. He said to go off the drug. I did, but a week later, my therapist suggested that I go back in the hospital voluntarily. I did. My doctor in the hospital put me back on Zoloft and Xanax, because the two drugs agreed with my body. I was clearly depressed, but they didn’t want to wait for me to grieve all my losses for the previous 7 years. So one doctor was telling me that I needed ECT. He used intimidation to force me to sign the papers. Only because I was not on the previous drugs, I was not a zombie and able to discern what was best for me. I did not sign. My roommate did. She ended up in ICU and another patient stopped breathing and had to go to another hospital.

1) I was finally discharged. I reported the doctor and hospital to Patient’s Advocacy Rights. They have had an investigation going on since 10/02. I called that hospital an “ECT” farm because the patients end up there for ECT.

2) I went back to my Psychiatrist for follow-up, back on Zoloft and Xanax. He dismissed me as his patient. He told me that I was an abusive and dangerous patient. I did not report him, but I wrote him a letter of my thoughts about him and drugs.

3) My concern for my husband and myself is important now. My husband is so drug induced, he has become comfortable, following Dr.’s orders. I am aware that my long-term use of Zoloft and Xanax is frightening. My body is so dependent. I take 1 Zoloft (100 mg) in the AM and 1 Xanax (1 mg) at night. I now have Diabetes and take Glucophage 500 mg/2 at night and Starlix 120 mg/1 three times a day.

My sister and I believe in Alternative Medicine. We currently both work for Enzymatic Therapy, PhytoPharmica, and Integrative Therapeutics as Sales Reps.

She doesn’t take any prescription drugs. She uses herbal supplements.

I use herbal supplements carefully, and still trying to reduce slowly my prescription drugs. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to take herbal supplements in place of prescription drugs.
Our boss is Bipolar. She is strictly on herbal supplements and functions quite well, no like my husband who gave up at age 50.

I also joined NAMI – Sacramento, CA for two years. I am a certified teacher and facilitator. The subject that I had trouble teaching was the lecture on drugs. We always tell the family to follow up with their doctors with any questions. We are not allowed to give any opinions. We are allowed to share our experiences. But I have not been able to teach anymore. I can’t teach anything that I don’t believe in.

I believe that there is a place for drugs for a short period only. If the MDs would join with the NDs, there could be a balance that is very beneficial to everyone. Our company has two NMDs, so our formulas are at a professional level.

Any questions, anytime, I am willing to share my experiences.

Go after the drug manufacturers!
My healthy 10 yr old dog died taking “Revolution.” I reported this incident also.

Regina Jones
13712 Endicot Circle
Magalia, CA 95954
530-873-3411 (phone and fax)

My Effexor Withdrawal Story

“There were times where it seemed like I could barely sort out how to walk or breath.”

I have been through a good number of meds for depression and mood stabilizers. Never have I experienced any withdrawal effects until now. In December of 2003 the Effexor “lost its efficacy.” Turns out that 6 months drug trials do not show that this antidepressant frequently just stops working. I was taking 75 mg Effexor (immediate release) in the morning and after work. Once I was stabilized on Wellbutrin XR my psychiatrist put me on a taper of 75 mg, 50 mg, 25 mg for one or two weeks each. In February of 2004 I was on the 25 mg when my dad died. We stopped the taper figuring there was enough going on.

I did not realize it at the time but I was experiencing withdrawal during the taper. I thought it was just something in me acting up. (I am one of the over 50% of folks with bipolar who are also addicts – toss of a coin I guess – clean since March 24, 2003.) I was real irritable, poor coordination, light headed/weird feeling in the back of my scull, hallucinations from the corner of my eye, extreme confusion. There were times where it seemed like I could barely sort out how to walk or breath. Not to mention I became acutely aware of the sexual side effects I had unknowingly been experiencing from the Effexor.

So now it is May of 2004 and we decided to finish the taper. I was on 12.5 mg for a week and now I have been on 0 mg for 2 days. This is hell. I had withdrawal on the 12.5 mg but it was OK. I was real irritable with everyone, emotional, all the symptoms that I experienced before. Within 3 days things were OK and then by the 4 everything seemed back to normal. But the withdrawal from 0 mg is the worst. Added to the list of symptoms are intense flu like stomach sensations, and sobbing jags. Usually they are 5-10 second jags and happen for no reason. It happened 4 times while watching “Where the heart is.” This is not a movie that should make a person cry 4 times. Now that it is the second day with no Effexor the crying jags have gotten longer and more intense. Now there are tears whereas before there were none. I do feel like the crying is helping to mourn my father’s death some more.

I feel like the first day I put down dope. Part of the reason I stay clean is because I never want the feeling of having 1 day clean. I see people come in with a few days clean and the misery and pain is so clear. They help to remind me how much it sucks to get clean. That it is so much easier to stay clean than to get clean. I have not used but here I am feeling like I just walked into the rooms.

I don’t know if I am looking to get into a lawsuit but I do not understand why Effexor is still prescribed. I know that the reason it is still on the market is because it is still bought. Drug companies are in the business of making money so I do not really blame them. If the med stops selling the company will take it off the market. However doctors are in the business of making people well. It is the doctor I hold responsible more than the drug company. Is Effexor being prescribed out of ignorance or is there a unique benefit that outweighs the risks of withdrawal symptoms? I don’t know. I do know that I need to talk to my psychiatrist about it. I also know that I have heard a bunch of people saying they are Effexor and I have been telling! them to get off as soon as possible.

Thanks for letting me share.

Jon Faber

Grief Recovery without Drugs

“Is there really an alternative to anti-depressant drugs? YES, YES, YES!”

Hello Ann B Tracy,

Fourteen months ago I was struck down with any parent’s worst nightmare. My beloved 33-year-old son committed suicide. He had been taking anti-depressants for about 4 years, and I may never be sure if these influenced his actions.

My story is about my recovery from this horrendous event. One thing that every survivor of suicide is aware of is that one ‘recovers’ from suicide in the same manner that one ‘recovers’ from alcoholism. There may never be a time when a sudden reminder of the loved one does not bring anguished tears.

When I began to suffer nightmares and insomnia I consulted my local physician. She’s a wonderful lady, newly out of medical school, open-minded, frank and conscientious. AND she prescribed Prozac! Having had a brief negative experience with both Valium and Prozac, I took the prescription home–and threw it in the trash. Shortly thereafter my husband bought me two milk goats. (We live on a ranch where this is possible, but it is also possible in many suburban settings.) These animals need attention twice a day–they need to be milked and fed in the morning, and fed in the evening. One cannot stay in bed waiting for them to milk and feed themselves–so I had to get up! And I had to be up to take care of them in the evening, also. This may sound like a small thing, but prior to their arrival I stayed in bed half the day and consequently couldn’t sleep at night.

This spring they blessed us with three adorable kids, which also need, and give, love and attention! I was able to experience the joy of witnessing new birth, new life, new love coming into my life. Of course, these wonderful animals are not my only interest in life, but they did awaken in me a renewed sense of the continuation of life.

I was fascinated with a friend’s response recently when I shared this story with her. “Did they really help you? Is there really an alternative to anti-depressant drugs?” And my answer is an unequivocal, resounding “YES, YES, YES”!

Blessings on your wonderful work,

RaEl BaKan

Celexa Pusher

“The haphazard prescribing of these dangerous drugs has got to stop!”


Thank you for your website. I wish more people knew about it. I would like to share a Celexa horror story but would like my e-mail address to remain confidential. My name is Shelley and you may use it.

In the spring of 2001, I had several personal tragedies which included: knee injuries caused by a head on auto collision caused by a drunk driver which totaled my vehicle and the imminent closure of my retail business due to said injuries. I had been going to the same Physician for approximately 8 years but had never really been ill during that time and only saw her for routine check ups. I have no history of mental illness or depression. I always thought that she was a good doctor and very caring person.

I was taken by ambulance from the scene of the accident which occurred on June 30, 2001. I was discharged from the hospital in a wheel chair as I could not walk from the Emergency Room. The following day, my knees swelled to the size of grapefruits and I was bruised head to toe. I could not walk. Several days later I got an appointment with my Primary Care Physician. I had pain in my knees, head (from hitting the steering wheel), and ribs (from the seat belt and airbag). I went to visit my doctor several times during the next couple of weeks for my pain. True, I was depressed but it was due to pain caused by the auto accident. She finally told me that she thought I had Fybromyalga and prescribed Celexa. I was very hesitant and kept telling her it was my knees that hurt and that it wasn’t in my head but decided to try to drugs.

The next week was a nightmare. I developed a rash over my entire body which looked like third degree burns and still have some scars from it to this day. My menstrual cycle was so heavy that I could not leave the house and feared that I would bleed to death. I began to hallucinate and was afraid to leave the house. I tried to contact my Physician when the symptoms began and was finally “allowed” to speak with her. When I advised her of these symptoms she said ,”It wasn’t supposed to that .” She advised me to quit taking the Celexa and to come into her office the next day. When I asked if I should make an appointment she said that it would not be necessary and that she would tell her office staff to let her know I was there to see her.

When I arrived at her office the next day, the Office Manager asked me if I had an appointment and I advised her of the conversation with the doctor from the previous day. She told me to wait and came back with a brown paper bag with my name on it. I was puzzled and looked inside. It was filled with Prozac samples with no explanation or product information whatsoever. That did make me really angry and I decided it was necessary to find another doctor.

The result of this is that I still have continued knee pain as physical therapy was delayed longer that it should have been, I have scars from the Celexa caused rash, I have lost my business and now have very little faith in the medical establishment.

The haphazard prescribing of these dangerous drugs has got to stop! When a Doctor prescribes anti-depressants for physical injuries from an auto accident it endangers patient health and clearly transgresses the Hippocratic Oath. Since the majority of people I speak in the course of daily life (at the grocery store, bank, library, workplace, etc.) are taking some type of anti-depressant, it seems to me that the U.S. in experiencing a huge drug abuse epidemic. Unfortunately, since it is legally prescribed it isn’t drawing as much scrutiny as it should. I hope for a day when these pill pushing for profit Doctors are held accountable for what they are doing to their patient’s lives.