My Struggles with Prozac

“I’ve tried to come off at least half a dozen times.”

I feel like I really screwed up. In 1998 I read Dr. Peter Kramer’s book “Listening to Prozac,” and I was quietly optimistic about the benefits I could receive. I was mildly depressed, nothing major; but I really wanted to try and see if I could change myself into someone I thought I could be. Indeed, I did, for a while anyway. I felt wonderful, stopped drinking completely (not that I was an alcoholic), and had higher self-esteem; I hardly thought of the future. But, the future came, and I started to notice my bodies negative effects of the drug. I weighed 160lb before starting Prozac. Today, after six years on the drug, I weight 136lb.

I’ve tried to come off at least half a dozen times; every time I feel more committed. My doctor is a good guy, but he doesn’t know what’s going on. I found your web-site on the internet simply by typing in “Help, I can’t get off Prozac.” I’ve ordered your book and the audiotape. I’m also researching supplements that you suggest to help fight against the deleterious side effects that accompany withdrawal. I have just recently begun tapering off, and yes, I will do it very slowly. Thanks for your information. I feel confident about coming off, but I also felt confident the last two times. I thought quitting cigarettes were hard… this is quite a bit harder.

Doug Morgan

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