Ex-cop Kills Man in Upscale FL Movie Theater Over Texting


Curtis Reeves Faces Murder Charges

In an upscale movie theater in Tampa, Florida a highly respected 71 year old ex-police officer, Curtis Reeves, shot and killed a man over an argument about his texting during the previews before the movie started. Reeves said he feared for his life after the man, Chad Oulson, 43, threw popcorn at him during the argument.

Many questions remain…

Had his gun not jammed after that first shot that killed Chad Oulson, could there have been other victims or a suicide?

Where did such unjustified fear come from? Was it triggered the same way that paranoia came for George Zimmerman – a pill? With George it was Adderall. Was there a pill behind the fear that Curtis Reeves experienced before killing Chad Oulson, a father who was simply texting messages to his 3 year old daughter’s babysitter before the movie began?

Mr. Reeves apparently had a recent history of being very bothered over simple things…

“The judge was told that after hearing about the shooting on the news, a woman had contacted police to say Reeves had told her off for texting when she was watching a film on December 28.
Although she didn’t make a complaint at the time, the woman claimed Reeves had ‘glared at her the entire time throughout the movie and afterwards’ even following her to the rest room at one point.
A neighbor, Matthew Harris, told the Tampa Bay Times that Reeves had confronted him about 18 months ago for having his car stereo too loud.
‘He kind of snapped at me at first, but then he calmed down,’ Mr Harris said, adding that Reeves had told him he used to be in the police.”

Clearly something does not seem right about this case and someone needs to be checking medications. Florida has long had one of the highest rates of use of antidepressants and we all know how often the elderly are drugged with multiple meds.

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
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