MI Mother Charged for Dismembering Son (32)

Donna Scrivo

Donna Scrivo

Michigan is one of those states that if I focused on the cases there I would never get any others taken care of. Antidepressants have been rampant there for a long long time since Kip Arntz killed his wife, cut off her head, put it in a box on the neighbors porch and cooked the rest of her up at their taco stand. After being on Prozac for some time Kip had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. They took him off Prozac for the brain surgery to remove the tumor and then sent him home three days later. So on top of mixing the anesthesia with the Prozac in his system he was in cold turkey withdrawal. His wife did not have a chance with that scenario!

Anyway in this case according to court documents, Donna Scrivo filed a petition seeking hospitalization for mental illness of her son in May and was granted guardianship. This was shortly after the husband/father’s death. “From what I understand, it (the father’s death) did have a negative impact on the family.” And when translated that statement generally means all family members got a prescription for an antidepressant, but in Michigan it generally would mean the dose of their antidepressant was increased or another added to what they were already on as would be the case in UT, FL, NC, OR or WA – it appears to be mainly the areas where early clinical trials took place. The rest of the country is rapidly catching up in their antidepressant use though!

But whether it was self defense needed because the son was becoming seriously aggressive on his meds or something gone wrong with the mother’s meds remains to be seen. This is a case I would have little concern about an antidepressant being found to have played a major part though.

“It just seems so out of character,” Odren, Donna Scrivo’s neighbor, said. “That’s what makes this so hard to process. She had such a good relationship with Ramsay. I would never expect anyone to (dismember their child).

“We’re anxious to figure out what happened.”

Keep an eye on this one as it plays out in the press. Mothers do not regularly cut up their sons.

Original Articles: http://www.freep.com/article/20140202/NEWS05/302020138/woman-dismemberment-case-body-parts-son


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