Misdiagnosis Destroyed My Life

“I went from a young women to an old lady, homebound and sick.”


I hope this group will help me, my story is unbelievable, in my eyes, for the very reason that I had trust in doctors and in the system to help me, I was wrong. When all went wrong from a misdiagnosis, and taken a harmful drug that has destroyed my life, my health, my economy. I went from a young women to an old lady, homebound and sick.

This nightmare has been going on for 10 years, and I will not live long, and I will not get help due to organized doctors groups, that has financial interest by big time investments here, around America and the world.

This should not happen in America today, and not to be able to get help, even though I am just skin and bones, with everything going wrong with my system

Due to my experience I KNOW what has to be changed to stop too many people from dying in this country.

If you like to here more, and if there is a doctor out there, let me know.

Thanks for listening,


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