My Sister Took her Life on Celexa

“…she had never been suicidal.”

Trina Parsons Hannah was born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 31, 1942. As a child she was curious, loving and wonderfully talented. She played the piano, painted and acquired a sense of true connectedness to her family, friends, and community. She studied fine art at the University of South Carolina and obtained her MFA at Ohio State University.

Trina taught for many years at the Asheville School in North Carolina and operated a very successful ceramic studio. She played fiddle and banjo in the mountain music tradition and received numerous awards in traditional music competitions. In later years, she established a studio and produced landscape paintings depicting scenes from the historical Cataloochee settlement within the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest.

On July 11, 2001, Trina took her own life with a handgun while receiving treatment with the SSRI known as Celexa. In almost 60 years of life, she had never been suicidal, yet within a few weeks of SSRI treatment, she was dead. She is terribly missed by her family and friends.

Cheryl Soehl

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