PROZAC: 15 Yr Old Girl Kills 9 Yr Old Neighbor “To See What It Felt Like”

NOTE FROM Ann Blake-Tracy:

This case helps you see clearly first hand what
the term “homicidal ideation” really means! This is a side effect of
antidepressants that goes hand in hand with “suicidal ideation”. It is a
fixation on murder – an obsessive compulsive type of adverse reaction to the
Paragraph four reads:  “Bustamante dug two shallow
graves before killing Olten. Bustamante had a record of trying to commit suicide
was on the antidepressant known

15-Year-Old Girl Indicted For Murder (Photo) Meet Alyssa
by Mitch

A 15-year-old girl named Alyssa Bustamante
has been arrested and is going to court over killing a 9-year-old named
Elizabeth Olten ‘to see how it feltto kill someone.

Bustamante is to be
tried as an adult according to reports after lawmakers found out the viciousness
of her attack.

Bustamante stabbed, strangled, and cut the throat of the

9-year-old girl named Elizabeth Olten. When police asked why she killed the girl
she said she “wanted to know what it felt liketo kill someone.
Here is a
photo of young Elizabeth, who life was ended on a whim.

Bustamante dug
two shallow graves before killing Olten. Bustamante had a record of trying to

commit suicide and was on the antidepressant known as prozac.

There is
now a fight on whether or not to be her in an adult jail or possibly even a
mental institution.

Her lawyer is desperately fighting to keep her out of
jail. It‘s hard to believe that is the face of a killer. (c) tPC

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