Featured above is Landen, 11, (Prozac), Utah, sadly this is from the picture featured on his funeral program. On Prozac Landen got up early one morning, cooked breakfast for his family, then walked in another room & hung himself


One decade after the FDA issued a Black Box Warning for double the rate of suicidal ideation for those 18 and under who use antidepressants we now have stats indicating a rise of double the rate of suicidal ideation among those under 18!

While in Utah where the use of antidepressants has been very high since the introduction of the first SSRI, Prozac, the actual suicide rate among those 10 to 17 has TRIPLED to become the leading cause of death among these children!!!! This should be headline news worldwide, but then where would all the advertising dollars come from if it was headline news?!!! Profits must be protected at all costs seem to be the message from all media and news sources now that the advertising of prescription medications has become legal in America.

 EXCLUSIVE Reports from Children…

Meet the Australian children (ONLY ages 5 & 6) prescribed antidepressants for anxiety with no warning of suicidal ideation which drugs did indeed make these children intensely suicidal – as scores of Australian parents join in a class action lawsuit against antidepressant drug makers.

Maiya, 6, on Zoloft cries, ‘Mummy I want to go with the angels now.’

Maiya, now 13, started on Zoloft when she was six, after she had some tantrums at school. ‘I will never forget the moment she looked up to me and said ‘mummy, I want to go with the angels now’, it was just after an episode which saw her crying for days,’ Mel said.

Seth, 5, on Paxil begs, ‘Daddy, please kill me…I can’t do this any more’

A mother who watched as her 10-year-old son rocked in a corner of his room begging for someone to kill him to end his misery has revealed how antidepressants turned her ‘gentle, loving’ son into an angry and suicidal young boy.

Sydney mother Donna is one of dozens of people involved in a class action over the use of ‘adult’ antidepressants in children in Australia.

The concerned mother spoke to Daily Mail Australia from beside her son Seth’s hospital bed on Friday after he was admitted for psychiatric care following multiple attempts to end his own life while being weaned off the antidepressant Aropax [Paxil].

‘One day I came outside and he had a pair of scissors to his chest – he kept saying he was going to do it, so I had to call an ambulance,’ Donna said.

‘He was cuffed by paramedics and at the hospital I had to watch as he was held down by doctors, three security guards, nurses, and his father so he could be sedated. ‘He looked at me and said ‘please don’t let them do it mummy I will be good’ I will never forget that look on his face.’

Now, aged 10, he is in a psych ward of a Sydney hospital after a devastating few months where he would go from ‘rocking and crying in the corner asking his parents to kill him’, to trying to jump out of his mother’s moving car.

Seth was suffering from side effects of his antidepressants which included suicidal thoughts. He is now being weaned off the drug in a Sydney psych ward and experiencing withdrawal few adults can handle, much less a child.

The despairing mothers said they both ‘feel like it is their fault’ for making their young children take the doctor-prescribed pills.

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MOVIE: The Drugging of Our Children


Yale Case Study on Girl, 10

In writing my book Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? in the early 90’s I ran across a case report from Yale on a 10 year old girl that so sickened me I included a huge section of it in my book. They described this little girl as a well adjusted, well behaved child, very talented, and excellent student who they decided showed signs of OCD due to her excessive studying. Of course my first thought in reading that diagnosis was “I thought that is how one became described as ‘an excellent student.’ Isn’t that generally due to excessive studying?” Of course the researchers answer to her issues, which she was apparently completely unaware she was suffering from, was Prozac.

Once on Prozac she began to throw herself down stairs, and act out to the point she was admitted into a psychiatric ward where she was taken abruptly off Prozac. At that point she began throwing her Teddy Bear on the floor and while jumping up and down on it began screaming “Kill! Kill! Kill! Die! Die! Die!” After jerking her off and on Prozac several times (which the FDA now warns that any abrupt change in dose whether increasing or decreasing the dose can cause suicide, hostility or psychosis – all of which they saw with this little girl.)

They ended the case report stating she remained ‘unstable’ and continued to be locked in a psychiatric ward nine months later! I have never stopped thinking about that poor little girl after reading that case report! I could not believe they did that to her, much less documented it in a published case report!

2004 FDA Hearings On Suicide in Children on Antidepressants

In September of 2004 as I prepared to leave Salt Lake City Utah to drive back to Washington, DC to once again testify to the FDA in the second hearing that year on child suicide associated with the use of antidepressants I picked up Shannon Baker who had come down from Idaho. We then drove to Colorado Springs to pick up Mark Taylor, the first boy shot at Columbine, and his mother Donna. The next morning we all headed for Washington, DC. On the way Shannon did an interview over the phone with People Magazine on the Paxil-induced suicide of her 12 year old daughter Kara.

The following blog is on Kara and includes pictures of Kara from the time she started on Paxil until she died six months later. These photographs of Kara clearly show the decline into darkness she went into as she remained on Paxil which should tell any parent why they never would want to put their child on one of these deadly drugs. They also help us to see why Seth would beg his father to kill him and little Maiya would say she was ready to go live with the angels. You can see how she went from a happy innocent child to a very dark place just by looking into Kara’s face. Look into her eyes and you see the drug effects.

Kara Jane Otter, 12


Warning voices from the past:

PCP: “Knowing what we now know, would any of us involved in the early birth and development of phencyclidine have ventured further? What have we wrought?!,” Dr. Edward Domino, the doctor who told the world PCP had a large margin of safety…,made 14 years after the drug was pulled from the market


ANTIDEPRESSANTS: “I am alarmed at the monster that Johns Hopkins neuroscientist Solomon Snyder and I created when we discovered the simple binding assay for drug receptors 25 years ago. Prozac and other antidepressant serotonin-receptor-active compounds…The public is being misinformed about the precision of these selective serotonin-uptake inhibitors…” Dr. Candace Pert, Chief of the Section on Brain Biochemistry, Clinical Neuroscience Branch, at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) 1983 – 1996.

Suicide Rate in US Now At All Time High

Not quite two months ago we sent out a post with the news that the suicide rate in the US is at an all time high.


Decade After FDA Black Box Suicide Warning

Child Suicide Has Indeed Doubled

And now a decade after the FDA issued a warning that antidepressants double the rate of suicidal ideation (compulsive suicidal thoughts and actions) we now have headline news that the rate of suicide in children has indeed doubled. Any kid given that information in a problem solving question could give you the answer as to why we now have this doubling of suicide as a result of the continued use of these antidepressant drugs known to induce suicidal ideation!

What happened after the FDA issued their warning was the drug companies immediately began downplaying the warning stating the FDA issued the warning only because of a bunch of hysterical parents who lost their children to suicide. Doctors are still continuously downplaying the threat to young patients as well as their concerned parents. The end result has been that there basically was never a warning given.

It would also be interesting to learn just how many of those cases are foster children since a very high percentage of them in my experience are medicated. Taken out of their homes, away from everyone they know, what child would not be depressed? Yet even though these antidepressants have never been approved for situational depression they continue to be prescribed for that.

Such was the case with little Gabriel in Florida. On several of these medications and in foster care, 7 year old Gabriel acted out with homicidal ideation wanting to kill a two year old child in one home. Because of that he was moved to another home where a week later he impulsively ran into the bathroom and hung himself from the shower hose before anyone could break in and get him out. The hearing on his death I attended was held in Orlando, Florida.

But Last Year We Learned Child Suicide

 In Utah Has Tripled To Become

The Leading Cause of Death in 10-17 Year Old’s

And why such a high rate there? Since Utah has long led the way in the use of these antidepressants known to induce compulsive suicidal thoughts and actions why would anyone be surprised? You not only have a high rate of children on medications, but you have possibly the highest rate of young mothers on these drugs. So all of their children exposed to antidepressants in the womb would have a tendency to depression, anxiety, suicide, psychosis, etc. If those children are prescribed an antidepressant after having their initial exposure in the womb they tend to have a kindling effect from any subsequent exposure to the drugs. A kindling effect means the drugs would have a stronger impact upon them – similar to breaking an arm once. Once a bone is broken it takes not as much pressure for that arm to break in the same place the next time. So these children would have a stronger adverse reaction to these medications that children never exposed to them before. We should therefore, see a higher rate of suicide among this population. I know children in these situations and witnessed the suicide of one close to our family just last summer at age 17.

In fact I just met a young man who was placed on antidepressants at age 10, because his mother thought he was depressed. (That would make me wonder what the mother was already on since I noticed early on that the mothers on antidepressants were the ones insisting their children also go on the drugs because patients often begin thinking everyone around them is depressed.) So apparently this young man started on them in 2003, the year before the FDA issued the Black Box Warning for double the rate of suicide for those under 18 which they then extended to under 25 when we went back to testify again in 2006. My thought was why would a mother hearing that warning or at least a doctor not consider weaning this young man off these drugs with that strong a warning?!

First as I stated before:

#1 Since these FDA warnings of double the rate of suicide for those 18 or under were put into place the end of 2004/beginning of 2005 (and subsequently extended to under 25 two years later) I have continuously received reports that the suicide warnings were not given to the patient nor the parent. And any doctor who ever bothered to issue that warning generally downplayed the warning drastically by adding that there is in reality “little risk” of suicide and this warning was nothing for them to worry about! A DOUBLING of suicidal compulsions and actions is nothing to worry about?!!!

Am I missing something? It would certainly seem to me that you would not want to put a depressed child with the slightest chance of suicide on a drug that would DOUBLE their risk of producing a suicide or serious suicide attempt!

#2 Most patients as well as their physicians have any idea how to come off these drugs safely. The FDA has warned that abrupt changes in dose of an antidepressant can cause suicide, hostility or psychosis yet doctors continue to drop patients off these medications or very rapidly or abruptly withdraw them. They did the same with steroids as they learned those drugs cannot be discontinued rapidly. We are seeing that same scenario, but with FAR MORE people, including way too many children, taking these drugs.

What made me even sicker to learn is that this boy I had just met was living in Salt Lake City when all this happened to him and that is the same city in which I began my work of sounding the alarm about these drugs! Add to that the fact that at the time he was started on them I had already been doing radio interviews and TV interviews continuously for over a decade and still no one gave him or his family these warnings???!!!! This city was one, along with several others nationwide, who were targeted early on and who quickly became one of the highest users in America with me documenting facilities peddling these meds to children as young as two and three in the early 90’s!!

LSD & PCP Produce Hallucinations via Serotonin

Doctors are giving these children antidepressant drugs which are so similar in action to PCP or LSD and then wonder why so many children are killing themselves?! It might just be a good idea to learn anything about drugs BEFORE they prescribe them! I am sick and tired of documenting all the deaths for three decades! http://www.SSRIstories.NET And during the time period since the issuing of that warning I have heard NON-STOP from children and their families that IF the doctor even mentioned the Black Box Warning on increased suicide to them they always followed it up with a “But don’t worry about it as it is rare and likely will not happen to you.” The warning was for DOUBLE the rate of suicide-exactly what this study is saying we now have and it is nothing to worry about?!!!! Tell that to all the parents who have lost their children!!!!

And then there is the ridiculous blaming on bullying!!!! I was bullied when I grew up. Did it make me suicidal? Maybe homicidal…. but certainly not suicidal! I wanted to live long enough to pay that girl back! In fact today I would still love to run into the older girl who used to hide somewhere different along my walk to school every day just so that she could run out and pull on my braids that were so long they hung past my waist!  I should also add that in looking at these cases of suicides linked to bullying I have yet to find one of these children who were NOT taking an antidepressant when they took their lives – many were prescribed that antidepressant because of the bullying!!!

Here is the link to that breaking news article on double the rate of suicidal ideation this last week at CNN and below are two others which need to be combined with this one, one out of Utah which shows a TRIPLING of the suicide rate there in children 10 – 17 being reported last summer and one out this last month from Australia to show that this is clearly an international nightmare flooding our planet.

Although the CNN article mentions the possible antidepressant connection (See quote below link to article) as does the Australian report, not one word about antidepressants was mentioned in the entire series of articles in Utah where the suicide rate itself, not just hospitalization for attempts, has tripled! Instead the Utah article sadly has a long list of places to go for “help” who will first reach for a pill to medicate a child faster than anyone else!!! 🙁

Additional Quotes & Info

‘Alarming’ rise in children hospitalized with thoughts or actions

Carl Tishler, an adjunct associate professor of psychology and psychiatry at The Ohio State University, said “Some of these little kids will verbalize they want to die, that they don’t want to live anymore, or they want to go to sleep and not wake up and stuff like that,”
“Tishler also said that with “an estimated 12 to 15 million children on psychotropic medications,” any time doses begin or get increased or decreased, “it may cause a change in emotional state which may reduce impulse control.” This could contribute to suicidal urges.”

Contributing Factor? Exposure in the Womb

Seth’s case is something I fear is the immediate future of our planet because Seth was first exposed to Paxil in the womb a place that is suppose to be “safe” for the child to grow and develop. While the March of Dimes has long warned mother’s to not even drink tap water due to the chemicals in it, doctors have been lying to mothers telling them there is no reason to worry about taking these medications while they are pregnant. So now there is a huge number of children who have been exposed to antidepressants in the womb due to doctors assuring mothers that this was safe for their children. Nothing could be further from the truth in my experience! The first adverse reaction observed in children being born to mothers on these antidepressants was hypoglycemia/low blood sugar which can set them up for early diabetes and also causes all kinds of psychiatric symptoms as well including anxiety, depression, symptoms of ADHD and OCD, suicide, coma, death.

Researchers are reporting Autism rates among these children to be anywhere from double to quadruple the rate of those children not exposed to these drugs in the womb. Besides the increase in Autism, other serious health issues being reported and cases being filed for these children are: septal heart defects, skull malformations, neural tube defects, abdominal defects, spina bifida and other serious injuries.Recent studies have also found that antidepressant use in pregnancy may increase the risk of seizure problems and delay of infant development milestones, such as sitting and walking are affected by antidepressant use during pregnancy.

Pregnancy antidepressant risks have also been linked to a serious respiratory disorder, known as persistent pulmonary hypertension in newborns (PPHN), which may cause insufficient blood flow to the lungs, leading to serious and potentially life-threatening problems.

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  1. Todd Grey, Utah’s Medical Examiner has been burying this data on the connection between antidepressants and suicide for decades. It is curious to note that his brother is one of the top shrinks at University of Utah where they peddle these meds like crazy and where they receive lots of funding from pharmaceuticals. So of course where else would they suggest in this article to go for help but to NAMI, who a Senate probe headed by Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa found is 81% funded by Pharma! This would explain why NAMI’s main focus is placing people on medications and keepintg them on medications!


Suicide now leading cause of death for Utahns ages 10-17
UTAH — Disturbing new data from the Department of Health indicates the leading cause of death among Utah children ages 10-17 is suicide.

“Last year we were over 600,” said Dr. Todd Grey, the chief medical examiner for Utah. “We’re certainly on track for being over 600 this year. So that means every day, on average, we’re going to see at least one to possibly two suicides.”

A new report shows the youth suicide rate in Utah has nearly tripled since 2007. It is now the leading cause of death among 10 to 17-year-olds in Utah.

“Look at the numbers here folks, these are big numbers,” Grey said.

Grey plans to retire in August, and he said suicide has been among the leading causes of death during his career.

“One of the saddest things I see on an ongoing basis is the sense of shame and then the effort to hide that a suicide has occurred,” he said. “Doesn’t help anybody really.”

Grey believes tackling the issue is hard for several reasons. One reason is there is a dire need for more mental health programs, and there is a lack of funding for treatment. Especially because insurance doesn’t usually cover it.

“Of course more needs to be done because we’re still seeing the big numbers, and the death rate still keeps going up,” he said.

Utah health experts haven’t found a cause for the increase, but they said new technology could have a lot to do with it.

“It’s been found through research that having more than 5 hours of screen time per day is associated with a much higher risk of depression and suicidality,” said Andrea Hood, a suicide prevention coordinator with the Utah Department of Health.

New research also shows 45 percent of youth suicides in the past few years have involved the use of a gun.

“It’s best to keep your firearms locked up, even if you don’t know or believe that your child may be at risk for suicide, because it happens,” Hood said.

The National Prevention Lifeline is 1(800)273-8255. You can call the lifeline seven days a week, 24 hours a day where you will speak with someone trained in intervention and can facilitate the process guiding you to what resources are available.

For more suicide prevention resources in Utah, click here.