rine is now from her own doctor sent into the arms of a psychiatrist who reasonably fast concludes that Trine been suffering from skizotyphical mental disorder and a psychologist must then straight find out what is wrong and yes most definitely she does suffer from skizotyphical mental disorder

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CLOZARIL: Patient (34) Dies of Clozapine/Caffeine/Nicotine Poisoning

What a horrible way for this young man’s loved ones to learn that something as seemingly harmless in our society as caffeinated drinks or nicotine withdrawal could add to the toxic buildup of this drug to the point of producing death! Of course I would hope you know there is NOTHING harmless about caffeine or nicotine. Caution must always be taken with stimulants in both the use and withdrawal of any stimulant drug. For those with loved ones on this drug or any other drug in this family of atypical antipsychotic drugs please take heed of this warning! From the original article below we read:

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ICFDA on Drug Discontinuation: Dropping “cold turkey” off any medication, most especially mind altering medications, can often be MORE DANGEROUS than staying on the drugs.


No matter how few or how many side effects you have had on these antidepressants, withdrawal is a whole new world. The worst part of rapid withdrawal does not hit for several months AFTER you quit. So even if you think you are doing okay you quickly find that it becomes much worse.

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CELEXA: Youth in India Dies During Clinical Trial

Concerns about the ethics of clinical trials do not exist merely in the realm of speculation. The GVK exposés are not unusual. An increasing number of reports are coming to light of unethical and illegal practices that exploit people’s social and economic vulnerability, subject them to serious risks without their knowledge and consent, and do not even assure them of access to the drugs developed from the trials

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ZOLOFT, PROZAC, Adderall & Ritalin: 18 Year Old Shoots Deputy: Critcal …

Paragraphs 11 though 14 read: “To combat attention disorders and other conditions, the teen took Ritalin, Zoloft, Prozac and Adero, among other drugs, Bryce said, toting the various prescriptions with him in a pill sorter.”

“The medicine sedated Adrian for hours. He was often unresponsive and seemingly unaware of people talking to him while on the medication, Bryce said.”

“The assortment of pills ‘took a toll on him,’ he said.”

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Get Off the Pharm – Written & Performed by Phil Garrison

I went to the Doc to see what’s wrong with me,

He turned out to be a pill-pusher MD,

As he reached for his pen with the drug name on it,

I said, “Stop right there, mon frer, I don’t want it!”

He said, “You must be crazy,” as I broke for the door,

Crashed into somebody, and landed on the floor,

With a slutty type of woman lookin’ down at me,

She had the names of different drugs displayed on her bikini.

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Study Links Older Bipolar Drug to Fewer Suicides

9/17/2003 • Study Links Older Bipolar Drug to Fewer Suicides Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin, senior author of the study and director of the psychopharmacology research center at George Washington University Medical Center Journal of the American Medical Association The new study, published today in The Journal of the American Medical Association, found that patients taking…

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11/5/2002 • Adolescent Drug Use Creates Long-Term Imbalance

11/5/2002 • Adolescent Drug Use Creates Long-Term Imbalance Even commonly prescribed amphetamines may lead to addictive behavior. By Ross Grant Health ScoutNews Reporter Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia Here is more evidence that there is significant brain alteration within brain cells in response to synthetic chemicals that change brain function in many unknown ways. Could these…

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