Scott and Stephanie Richardson and their daughter 17 year old Amber Walker have a short visit with Matt Larson lcsw Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012 in his Salt Lake City office… Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

The peddling of “intermittent explosive disorder” … 6 million teens could be suffering from it! “Nearly 6 million teens meet the criteria for intermittent explosive disorder, showing a pattern of persistent, violent, unwarranted anger attacks that aren’t related to substance abuse or a medical condition. Fortunately, experts say they can provide solid, research-based tools that parents of teens with anger problems can use to understand their teens and help them combat their anger in positive ways.

“The problem is enormous and the need for interventions is urgent,” Ronald Kessler, the lead researcher and Harvard Health Care Policy professor, wrote to the Deseret News.”

… Translated what that statement means is that Pharma sees a potential 6 million more we could bring in as new consumers of their products! This is a simple problem to understand. Not as simple to treat because changing a teen’s diet is not a simple task, but it is simple to understand.

A point that seems often ignored is the physical reason for anger outbursts in teens. During those years encompassing the changes of puberty we tend to forget how much nutrition a child needs at this time. Their bodies are going through major changes requiring more nutrients than they have needed since the first couple of years of life.

Because the pancreas is the first organ hit by stress, be it emotional, chemical, or physical, the body goes into hypoglycemic reactions. Those reactions in turn cause cravings for junk food which drop the sugar levels even lower. Because sugar drops are so damaging – even producing brain damage, the body kicks in adrenalin to normalize sugar levels. The end result of that adrenalin rush is anger outbursts or panic, anxiety or unjustified fears since adrenalin is your fight or flight hormone.

Therefore, working to improve the nutrition at this point in life will do wonders to rid a teen of anger outbursts! And as for the drugs used to treat this so called “disorder” … they are a quick trip to hell for the teen and all around them! Google ssristories to see the often deadly results.