Young Man Attempts Suicide Via Arson While 200 Watch and Encourage Him



Stephen (20)

Read the original article below to learn more about the suicide attempt and the encouragement given from the online group for him to go ahead with his suicide attempt. Seems to me that makes them all an accomplices to murder!

But most are likely on these drugs themselves. This kid has been in this group for six years since he was 14 so how long has he been on them? No mention yet, but I have no doubt mention of them will soon appear.

My comment on the article in response to someone who said he was sad the boy was so depressed and he is glad he is now in the care of a doctor!:

“And just what makes you think he was NOT under a doctor’s “care”? That is generally where most of this obsession with suicide comes from – the antidepressants docs hand out like candy to these kids in spite of all the warnings especially for this age group!

“The suicidal ideation that is known to be double the rate for those under 25 taking an antidepressant means they have ruminating and compulsive thoughts of suicide along with various methods of suicide. What do you think fuels these rooms that never existed before these drugs?

“Why do we allow drugs to remain on the market that have both suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation listed as side effects?!!!!! We need not just ask what was wrong with those 200 who watched (check their meds) but also to ask what is wrong with us that we allow this to continue.

“For 25 years I have documented and built a database of cases featured in several peer reviewed medical journals, but with all the advertising $$$$ from Pharma no news will cover it!”

Original article:


Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness &
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WITHDRAWAL WARNING: In sharing this information about adverse reactions to antidepressants I always recommend that you also give reference to my CD on safe withdrawal, Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!, so that we do not have more people dropping off these drugs too quickly – a move which I have warned from the beginning can be even more dangerous than staying on the drugs!

The FDA also now warns that any abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant can produce suicide, hostility or psychosis. These reactions can either come on very rapidly or even be delayed for months depending upon the adverse effects upon sleep patterns when the withdrawal is rapid! You can find the hour and a half long CD on safe and effective withdrawal helps here:

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