In this country we believe that a jury should be fully informed in order to produce justice in a case. But this past week a completely uninformed Colorado jury found James Holmes sane, rather than insane (in spite of testimony from experts and anyone who can see what “crazy” looks like), and they found him guilty of murder. Now this same uninformed jury has said that the death penalty should be an option. I will say that in 25 years of testifying in antidepressant-induced criminal cases I have RARELY seen a fully informed jury. Wonder why?

You see drug companies not only wine and dine the doctors peddling their drugs but they also wine and dine judges. The purpose in that? Simple. If the people who commit these crimes under the influence of their antidepressants are found guilty this removes the spotlight from their drug thus keeping their drug on the market continuing to bring in millions. It also prevents wrongful death suits being filed against the drug maker for the victims of the crimes. So in the long run the bottom line is greatly protected which is always the goal.

Now this fully uninformed jury is about the decide if this young man is now to be put to death for the crime he committed on Zoloft and Klonopin. Did the jury ever hear that the Zoloft or Klonopin could produce psychosis and when psychosis is chemically induced it is generally transitory, meaning it comes and goes depending upon the body’s ability to manage the toxicity? Obviously not. Did the jury ever hear that when you increase sertonin via an inability to metabolize serotonin – exactly how antidepressants work – it is known to produce impulsive murder and suicide? No. Did the jury ever hear that the arresting officer reported that he had never arrested anyone with so much sweat pouring off his body, which indicates Serotonin Syndrome – a toxic level of serotonin. Serotonin Syndrome does not only fry the brain, but can actually kill a patient within a 24 hour period? No, they heard no evidence on that either!

Was James Holmes’ attorney aware of any of this so that he could introduce it in court? Yes! I supplied James Holmes’ attorney with this information that should have been introduced in this case as a defense for James Holmes and would have brought answers for the families of the victims and for society as a whole.


But even more shocking that I only recently heard myself is that when James complained of having homicidal thoughts his dose of Zoloft was first doubled and then when he continued to complain of the homicidal compulsions (a known side effect of antidepressants and referred to as “homicidal ideation”) his dose of Zoloft was TRIPLED about a month before the shooting! This information is from a new book out on the case called “The Sprial Notebook” and without doubt should have been used to show involuntary intoxication in this case!


This last week I attended the premiere of the movie I am in called American Addict 2 – The Big Lie. In that movie there is a video clip of James Holmes which I watched within a couple of hours after hearing the guilty verdict in his case. Everyone should see it. It is James giving a lecture and interacting with the person introducing him. You will see a perfectly normal young man with a great sense of humor, obviously very bright and very cordial. In viewing that it is easy to see how rapidly these antidepressant drugs can take someone who is normal into a complete psychosis via the increase in serotonin which is what LSD and PCP mimic to produce hallucinations/psychosis.

Ironically this entire scenario is little different than the case of Eric Harris at Columbine. Eric was first started on Zoloft and after only six weeks on it reported homicidal thoughts that frightened him. His doctors, to their credit, at least knew enough to get him off Zoloft. (So what did they think was causing the homicidal compulsions?) Tragically they thought if they spelled the name of the SSRI antidepressant differently that the reactions would change! Go figure! So given Luvox Eric went on to act on the homicidal ideation he got from these antidepressant drugs. And he did so a month or two after a doubling of his dose of Luvox. Homicidal ideation is compulsive thoughts and actions of killing and methods of killing. And I am still asking why we as a society continue to believe that it is okay to have prescription medications on the market that can cause either homicial or suicidal ideations?!

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-james-holmes-phase-one-deliberations-20150723-story.html



What the world remains unaware of is the fact is that 86% of those who are diagnosed with the most deadly sleep disorder known as REM Sleep Disorder (RBD) are currently taking antidepressants. REM Sleep Disorder is a condition in which there is no paralysis during sleep thus allowing the patient to act out the dreams or nightmares they are having. Tragically 80% of those going into this sleep disorder hurt themselves or others including both murder and suicide as a result.

This is possibly the most deadly of all reactions one can have to antidepressants. Even more frightening though is to learn that before the introduction of the SSRI antidepressants RBD was known mainly as a drug withdrawal effect. Thus the chances of going into this dangerous reaction should be expected to increase as one goes into withdrawal. This is why it is so important to avoid as much of the withdrawal effects as possible by tapering off the antidepressant very, very slowly.


What so many were not aware of is that an increase in serotonin by an accompanying decrease in one’s ability to metabolize serotonin has long been known to produce both impulsive murder and suicide coupled with extreme out of character violence. See this study out of the University of Southern California which makes it very clear that the key to human violence is triggered by an excess of serotonin:  https://www.drugawareness.org/mutant-mice-key-to-human-violence-an-excess-serotonin/

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

International Coalition for Drug Awareness

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