ZOLOFT & LITHIUM WITHDRAWAL? American Sniper Killer Eddie Ray Routh Found Guilty

Eddie Ray Routh

Eddie Ray Routh

Even though “Routh had been diagnosed with a variety of conditions, including psychosis, paranoia, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress.” And his own victim Chris Kyle, stated just before Routh killed him that Routh was: “straight up nuts” plus he had only been out of a psych ward for a week, released on an anti-psychotic drug, yet the Texas jury did not find him not guilty by reason of insanity??? Chris Kyle’s description of Routh could clearly be used to describe both the justice system and the defense team as well as the prosecution in this case – straight up nuts!

Here is the list of Eddie Routh’s medications according to his father…was he dropped off these to be put on an antipsychotic the week before the killing? Clearly no one considered an antidepressant withdrawal psychosis which the FDA warns of in abrupt changes in dose of antidepressants.

“They prescribed eight medications for his son, which, according to Raymond [Eddie’s father], were placed in “one of those gallon baggies.” Among the drugs were lithium, which treats mania; prazosin, which can help decrease nightmares; and Zoloft, an antidepressant that is a common treatment for P.T.S.D. Raymond said that the cocktail of pharmaceuticals “made Eddie worse,” adding, “I ain’t no doctor. I ain’t no rocket scientist or nothing, but I could tell a difference in him.”




Chris KYLE

Chris Kyle

Since I have been testifying in these cases since 1992 I will be doing a radio show on this case with Capt. Joyce Riley on her program the Power Hour http://www.thepowerhour.com/ on March 9, 2015. Our interview will be during the last hour of her show and right after Andrea Yates’ attorney, George Parnham, discusses Andrea’s mental health..

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