Amazing Story To Give You Insight Into the Feelings and Thought Processes of Animals


Washoe and Loulis

After reading this I doubt that you will ever look at an animal the same way again. Just because they cannot speak, does not mean they do not think and feel much the same way we do. (Keep in mind that animals have long been given antidepressants and are used in testing for prescription drugs and makeup, etc.) People tend to distance themselves from animals in many ways in order to excuse what we as a society do to them. In doing so I believe we are prevented from seeing how deeply animals feel compassion and the same feelings we have for our loved ones which they clearly experience right along with us along with their ability to have deep conscious thought processes.

This is the story of Washoe and her adopted son, Loulis who learned sign language and could, therefore, communicate all of these thoughts and feelings. The insight this will give is astounding as she shows such compassion for her trainer who has lost a child! And then her adoption of a baby monkey and her teaching him to sign on her own! It will touch your heart and open your mind!

Please read her story and see more pictures here:

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