ANTIDEPRESSANT: Irish Man Hacks Parents to Death


Kathleen and Jimmy Cuddihy

Kathleen and Jimmy Cuddihy

Ireland: Elderly couple hacked to death while their 42 year old “depressed” son, Julian, has been arrested for the brutal murder as the rest of the world is rapidly catching up with the US in these horrific antidepressant-induced nightmares!

From the original article below find all of the highlighted parts of the article that make it clear what the all too typical scenario is … the mother is a nurse, the son is “depressed” which next leads to a trip to the doctor for medication which makes the son change from the mild mannered man he has always been to a raging drug-induced maniac hell bent on murder and listed in the antidepressant side effects as “homicidal ideation.” And when found he is in his parents car about to drive into the lake in a suicide attempt…also listed in the package insert as a reaction to the medication listed as “suicidal ideation” – how can it really be all that difficult to figure out?

Amazing that when a lie is told long enough the people really do believe the drugs are helping in spite of the evidence glaring at them as bright as the noon day sun that the opposite is true!

Excerpts from original article below:

“The elderly victims had suffered multiple wounds. A hatchet was found at the scene.

“The mechanical engineer had worked in recent years in both Dublin and England and had been studying more recently at the University of Limerick. Friends who saw him earlier in the week said he appeared “angry and agitated”, which they found odd.

“Julian is a normally quiet soul, well educated and articulate but he just didn’t appear to be himself in recent days,” said one friend.

“It’s understood he had been suffering from depression.

Kathleen was a retired nurse and paramedic.”


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