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Corey Bertine & Lynnsie Allred

FOUR IN TWO WEEKS! I have long said that Utah should serve as a microcosm for what antidepressants are doing to the world because the use of the drugs is so high there and because it was such a peaceful place before the drugs. Here are more examples….too many to post them all.

From day one with the first SSRI patients have reported high speed chases with the police all the while wondering what they were doing as they participated in the chase. And they have reported driving the wrong direction on the freeways. Utah has had at least four of these in a two week period. Here is one that confirmed the medication connection while all the others had a multitude of clues that point to medication as well.

“Bertine was pronounced dead at the scene. Valdez died early Tuesday. The driver of the other vehicle was treated for minor injuries.

“Allred said Bertine had been staying at a local hotel with Allred’s daughter before he got onto the freeway. Bertine and Lynnsie Allred were staying at the hotel because Bertine started having mental issues two weeks ago.

“Michael Allred said his daughter had sought mental health treatment for Bertine and they were trying out a new medication, but he continued to struggle.

“He was having a hard time keeping reality and dream world separate,” he said. “He was just struggling with some mental issues.”

“Bertine thought there was something in his house, so he and Lynnsie Allred decided to stay in a hotel that night. Later, there was a knock at their hotel door.

“He freaked out and thought somebody was trying to get Lynnsie, my daughter. He called the cops. And when the cops showed up, he blew past both of the cops, is what I’m told, and got in the car.

“I don’t know everything that was going through his mind,” Allred said. “But he didn’t do it on purpose. He didn’t do it with malice. He just wasn’t in his right place. … I can’t believe that he really knew what reality was at that moment.”

“Allred did not know if Bertine has been officially diagnosed yet with a mental illness. Just two weeks ago, he said he never showed signs of being violent or did anything to cause him concern.”



You can often get more information on a case by reading the comments from others than you can in reading the article by the reporters. Here is one example as to how frequent the wrong way driving is in Utah now:

RJ…. “Listen up KSL readers. A nut driving on the opposite side of the freeway happens ALL THE TIME. KSL did a story this summer speaking with UHP on how this problem is growing and happening more frequently. Wrong way driver happened to me while my girlfriend and I were driving I15 between Vegas and Mesquite (luckily we were in the right lane and the errant driver whizzed past us in the left lane). Happened to my friend on his way to Wendover (thankfully no accident). My cousin lost 5 close friends packed in a VW bug in a head on collision on the freeway between Coalville and Wanship.

“From what happened to me, the people I personally know and the countless stories of incidents and accidents I’ve read caused by wrong-direction-freeway-drivers including this story, it’s obvious that these drivers prefer to drive in the right lanes (your left lanes when going the proper direction), maybe still believing they really are on a true 2-way highway or maybe simply driving on the right side of the road is so deeply ingrained in their minds. So to be “safer”, don’t linger in the far left lanes and/or carpool lane. That seems to be their lanes of choice while coming at ya’.”

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