ANTIDEPRESSANTS??? Active Shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Co



“When I was leaving this building…I got back in my car and all of a sudden I heard what I thought was gunshots. And I kept thinking, ‘Is that gunshots?'”

To her horror, a moment later she saw a man stagger out of a car, riddled with gunshots.

“I was watching over to the Planned Parenthood area, and I saw a car and I see somebody leave and somebody go inside with a bag. I didn’t think a whole of it, but then I watched this car…it kind of drifted from the driveway over at Planned Parenthood across to that little road in between that and the next building…it kind of went up a little hill, kind of drifted back. I knew watching it that there was no one steering that car.

“It came to a stop as it rolled backwards…a guy got out and fell to the ground. You could see all the gunshots.”

Suspect Arrested – Note the Prozac Eyes

Robert Lewis Dear, 57, is accused of attacking a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs and killing three people, including a police officer. Nine others were injured.

Robert Lewis Dear

I have spent a lot of time in Colorado Springs because this is where Mark Taylor (the first boy shot at Columbine) and his family were living before they began to force Mark onto these medications as what I firmly believe was payback for suing Pharma for causing the Columbine massacre with antidepressants. You will see in his testimony to the FDA about that he did not hold back in any way standing up to them:

Colorado Springs is also the home of New Life Church where Ted Haggard was minister. When Mark Taylor’s mother and I approached Ted about speaking to his congregation after a mother there killed her two sons and herself while on Paxil Ted declined stating that too many in his congregation were currently taking antidepressants. After he was dishonored not long after when the news broke that he was having gay sex while speaking out against homosexuality, I then realized that what Ted meant to say in his response was that too many in his congregation were on antidepressants, INCLUDING HIM! And as it turned out New Life Church became the setting of a random mass shooting not long after.

Synergistic Effects of Some Foods Combined With SSRIs

Minutes before this shooting came in I had just made the statement that we have often seen a flurry of cases around Thanksgiving as people mix turkey with their antidepressants having little clue of the synergistic effects of mixing something like turkey or in the case of Columbine, all the cheese from pizza. With Dylan and Eric both working at a Pizza Parlor we can expect that like any other kid in a similar situation they had been having pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And both with the milk protein and with turkey you get an increase in serotonin which seems to push people on these medications over the edge as the toxicity from too much serotonin sets in.

Colorado Springs has had a lot of documented antidepressant induced violence cases. We wait to hear more on this case. Although anyone viewing the last Planned Parenthood video I saw with a worked describing how she was so sickened by her own actions after being pressured to “harvest” a live baby’s brain by cutting through it’s face with a pair of scissors could see why someone would go on a shooting at a Planned Parenthood!

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

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