ANTIDEPRESSANTS??? Another Utah Cancer Scam

Lesley Jensen

Lesley Jensen

Yet another Utah mom fakes brain cancer and holds fundraisers. This is the second one like this in the past year. If they have not taken it out of the news report below you will find that after she disappeared this past week as soon as they found her they rushed her to the hospital – the psych hospital. Obviously another who has gone manic on her meds and delusional enough to really believe she has cancer. This sadly reminds me of the delusions of Andrea Roberts in Flower Mound, TX – an average soccer mom who within pnly a couple of weeks on Zoloft began to believe her family all suffered from AIDS. So she shot her husband and two children before shooting herself.

Two of us in the comment section of the newspaper’s article on this case brought up the strong possibility of the medication connect. First is my comment and then one from someone who worked in a psych ward:

“Yes she does have a psychological problem. KSL reported she is in a psych ward in the hospital she is in. Clearly she was delusional.

“I had a fellow who came cold turkey off Prozac and thought he was an ambassador to the Queen of England for 5 months. I think the mayor of LA is still upset that he did not come through with the multimillion dollar donation he promised while in that manic state! 🙂

“And then two years later after being fine for that amount of time on a good diet, slacked on the diet, and took one Effexor. For the next six months he became so manic he thought he was a Scottish Crown Prince. He walked our West Jordan neighborhood in a Scottish kilt with a sword on his side. He was so convincing in his Scottish garb and strong belief in his delusions that KBYU even announced that his “company” would match donations made on their program that evening!

“This is common with antidepressants. I could tell you so many cases like this. Check this woman’s meds! I have found nothing on the planet that will produce a manic psychosis faster than abruptly discontinuing an antidepressant! That is why psychiatrists refused initially to prescribe these drugs.”

xert, Santa Monica, CA
“I don’t think that–for media sensationalism, we should make more out of this than is there. Her history says she is not a criminal. I’ve worked in acute wards of psych hospitals and this is so in line with the types of things and stories I heard so many times. False accusations, ritual abuse, people have put hits out on me, you name it. A lot of it comes from coming off of a depression or anxiety med that maybe should have never been prescribed. Sometimes it’s just mid life weirdness, or the beginnings of having anxiety attacks, or getting caught up in a lie and seeing no way out. This gal needs help …”

As for the money part of this story wild spending, embezzlement and grandiose business ideas is all part of mania. The Scottish Crown Prince was hiring everyone he met to work for him in his “company” that really did not exist anywhere but in his mind. The problem with that is that he was giving all those people valid phone cards to use for which he was going to be charged for when he came out of the mania!

In one early case a fellow in Texas who zipped through a $1 Million inheritance while on Prozac was able to sue Eli Lilly for his Prozac-induced mania and won. Dr. Fred Goodwin came and testified for him that the Prozac had caused the mania. It was better understood in the early days of SSRIs than it seems to be now that these companies have been able to buy up everyone in the media and everywhere else.

Embezzling is all a part of it as well. In one case a woman on Effexor working for Starbucks headquarters went through $3.4 Million. She spent it all. Did not really use much of anything. She just had boxes of things stacked throughout her home so there was only a small pathway through the house. And if I remember correctly she bought about 40 cars.

Then there was the city official in SLC who used $30,000 in city funds to go buy a whole herd of long-horned cattle because he wanted to be a cowboy when he was growing up. He spent so much time with the cows his wife feared he was having an affair. Although he was Catholic he found an LDS Church farm he kept the cattle on. He would decide to sell them and go to Denver to do that, change his mind, buy them back and bring them home with him. The bizarre out-of-character was so obvious that the judge from the stand looked at him after hearing the story and asked what medication he was on! 🙂 (See why we have joked for years about starting our own barter group to get rid of what everyone has acquired while on their meds? We were never sure who would want the long-horned cattle though!)

Watch my 2006 testimony before the FDA to get a better idea of the types of manias people are suffering as a result of the use of antidepressants or the rapid discontinuation of these drugs:


Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

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WITHDRAWAL WARNING: In sharing this information about adverse reactions to antidepressants I always recommend that you also give reference to my CD on safe withdrawal, Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!, so that we do not have more people dropping off these drugs too quickly – a move which I have warned from the beginning can be even more dangerous than staying on the drugs!

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