ANTIDEPRESSANTS???? Autism Increases by 30% Nationwide in Two Years


US: Autism Increases 30% in Only Two Years

Autism has long been known to be a condition of elevated serotonin and the exact method of action of an antidepressant is to increase serotonin levels. Many other things cause a serotonin increase: sugar, dairy, Jello, Aspartame – all Utah favorites, but Utah has also long led the way in use  the of antidepressant medications. Is it any wonder then that figures for Autism in Utah were four times the national average in 2008?!

With such high rates of Autism in Utah one needs to consider that Utah also has one of the highest rates of child bearing women taking antidepressants yet in this UT news article there was no mention at all of this antidepressant use by mothers with subsequent Autism in the offspring connection. This is in spite of the fact that lawsuits are already being filed regularly for antidepressant-induced Autism in offspring. (Of course when the individual being interviewed is a psychiatrist, who would be regularly prescribing these medications, chances are not high that she would volunteer such potentially incriminating information.)

Resent research shows that a woman who is taking antidepressants during her pregnancy has a four times greater chance of having a child who suffers Autism as a birth defect due to exposure to the drugs in the womb! And in 2008 Utah’s rate of Autism was found to be four times higher than the national average. Seems like a fairly simple math problem, doesn’t it?

They also have found that if the mother has taken an antidepressant within 12 months of getting pregnant that child has double the chance of being born autistic.

Those are incredibly high numbers that should not be ignored when so many
young women are being given antidepressants and are not warned of this possible
birth defect of Autism.

Even more ironic, or perhaps insane is the better word, in diagnosing children at an earlier age so “treatment” may be started sooner we need to consider that 63% of the children being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder are being drugged with antidepressants that increase serotonin! But in making the condition worse that would keep the $$$$ coming in longer wouldn’t it? Perhaps it is long past time to understand that “health care” in this country has far less to do with “care” and far more to do with making a profit.

I am certainly not saying that antidepressants are the only cause of Autism as you can see I listed many other things that contribute to it. What does concern me is that something known to increase the rate of Autism by 400% seems to be almost completely ignored in the media of the state where the largest majority of child bearing women on these drugs live.

In the search for causes of Autism the information from Dr. Cade’s research on dairy is critical. He was able to rid 80% of Autistic and Schizophrenic children of their symptoms by eliminating dairy from their diet. Amazing results considering it also helped with something as problematic as Schizophrenia! But it is important to know that if one cannot metabolize casein (milk protein) it will act in the brain as a Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor as it turns into caso morphine. So it will also result in the increased levels of serotonin – the same end result as an antidepressant would produce. (See original articles below)

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