ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Police Officer Dead: Shooter Dies Also: shooter was o…

Headline reads:
Coroner: “Shooter was prescribed antidepressants.”
Paragraph four reads: “The shooting left Sgt. David Kinterknecht dead, along with the suspect, Dennis Gurney, who lived at the home.”

Injured officers face lengthy recovery

Coroner: Shooter was prescribed antidepressants

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By Katharhynn Heidelberg
Daily Press Senior Writer
Published/Last Modified on Thursday, July 30, 2009 4:11 AM MDT

MONTROSE ­ Two officers shot Saturday can expect an extensive recovery process, the chief of police said.

Montrose Police officers Larry Witte and Rodney Ragsdale were hit in the legs with shotgun blasts while responding to a domestic violence call in the Cobble Creek area.

“I think it’s going to be weeks to months before we see them back to work,” Police Chief Tom Chinn said.

The shooting left Sgt. David Kinterknecht dead, along with the suspect, Dennis Gurney, who lived at the home.

Witte was released from Montrose Memorial Hospital Tuesday, to a hero’s welcome from other officers. Ragsdale’s release from St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction was expected today, Chinn said.

He said both men will need extensive rehab.


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