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NOTE FROM ANN: This week has been filled with family tragedies & two close family members currently hospitalized in serious condition. Therefore getting our news out about our own “Cyber Monday” is late & therefore extended throughout this week  into a “Cyber Monday – Friday”! Our way of saying Merry Christmas to all of you as well!! 


Ann B Tracy has boldly gone where few dare to tread…” Everything your doctor does not know & drug companies hope NO ONE ever learns about serotonin & Serotonergic medications (all antidepressants, atypical anti-psychotics & some pain killers) Also contains information on safe & successful withdrawal.

Subscription to ICFDA Video/Audio(Radio shows) | $50/mo. $30/mo. (Lock in this price now)

Best deal of all!!!! For only $30 you can have a full month to access & download more info on antidepressants than you can get anywhere else on the planet – everything we have to offer!!!! You get the book, withdrawal MP3, all DVD’s available, & about 50 media interviews (some 3 hours long!) over the past 25 years! You will know more than most experts about these drugs with all this information! And don’t tell our webmaster I said this, but then all you need to do is cancel the subscription after you download everything. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

It is WAY PAST TIME that the whole world become experts on these drugs because we are all surrounded by those on the drugs whether we take them personally or not! Let’s wake up the world to the dangers of these drugs with all the information in this deal!

Help! I can’t get off my antidepressant! [Mp3 Download] $10.95 $6.95

Here blow are two reports from those who have used this information to come off these drugs & restore their lives – as you will see both previously had their lives & health severely negatively impacted by antidepressants for many years before learning there is an easier way to come off these drugs & rebuild when you understand more about how the drugs work….

#1 Successful Antidepressant Withdrawal After Ten Years Use
#2 Is Rebirth Possible After Serotonergic Medications?

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