09/24/1999 – John Horgan New York Times Interview

Here’s an insightful interview from the New York Time with Mr. John
Horgan, entitled “A Heretic Takes On the Science of the Mind.”

In 1996, Mr. Horgan, then a senior writer with The Scientific American,
published “The End of Science: Facing the Limits of Knowledge in the
Twilight of the Scientific Age,” a 281-page essay in which he argued
that scientific inquiry has gone about as far as it can go and that the
questions remaining for it to answer are unanswerable. Many scientists
were outraged, but the book sold nearly 200,000 copies.

This month, Mr. Horgan will no doubt be making a new set of enemies
with the release of his latest work — “The Undiscovered Mind — How
the Human Mind Defies Replication, Medication and Explanation” (Free
Press, $25). “I think of myself as a heretic,” he says, “who is
challenging the central dogma that scientific progress is eternal.”

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