Learn What is in Vaccines!! Very FUNNY Section You Must Not Miss!!!

baby vaccine

Do you know what is in vaccines?

Why 38 shots before 1 1/2 years when as kids we only got 8 total?

If you want one of the best laughs ever but do not want to hear doctors talk about how they learned what was in vaccines, you MUST advance to 11:20 for the “Eye on the Flu Vaccine” report! TOO FUNNY!!!! And it is only about 3 minutes long. Learn what is in vaccines.

There are 38 vaccines required now by age 1 1/2 where we only got about eight total as kids! Yet I still wonder if my polio vaccine was a huge part of the reason I got cancer at such an early age since the researchers have admitted that they included the cancer virus, AIDs and SV40 in the polio vaccine. See that video below.

Hep B Vaccine

Great questions asked which I have had about the HepB vaccine from the beginning and an eye opening Congressional Hearing on the safety and Pharma influence. Excellent! Why do we give Hep B vaccines to babies when it comes from sexual contact or IV drug use?!!! How many babies do you know who have been having sex and using drugs while still in the womb?

HPV Vaccine

And the HPV vaccine being given to all young women has always scared me to death! It is so incredibly dangerous and really frightening due to the very serious adverse reactions including death! Click this link to view the video and get the laugh on that Eye on the Flu Vaccine section! LOL!!!


Huge Increase in Autism – Vaccines & Antidepressants

Much of the Autism has been attributed to vaccines because that is the main difference in those being diagnosed with Autism – a huge increase in the numbers and frequency of vaccines given. But what is being ignored or given very little attention in this huge increase in Autism is the advent of the SSRI antidepressants and the large number of young mothers being encouraged to take them during pregnancy. The rate for Autism among those whose mother’s took antidepressants during pregnancy has been found to be three to four times higher than normal.

Merck’s Polio Vaccine Included Cancer, SV40 and AIDS

Video Admission by Dr Maurice Hilleman

Also not addressed in this whole debate is just what diseases may be included in those vaccines which we are not yet aware of? For instance, how many got either AIDS or cancer from their polio vaccines. Has anyone bothered to do any research on that? Just how many have died over the past seven plus decades from cancer or AIDS which came from their polio vaccines given to them as children?

You mean you did not know that those of us who got polio vaccines as children were exposed to cancer virus and AIDS from the vaccine? Well, maybe that is because if you knew it just might cut into their profits and overload them with lawsuits. This video will allow you to see the leading scientist behind the polio vaccine not only admit this, but say that once the company discovered the mistake they certainly did not make any public announcements about it. Watch these top scientists laugh about how they made the mistake of including those viruses from the green monkey in the polio vaccine. Just another big WHOOPS! in medicine and life goes on? Click link to see video:


So should we not be asking what all we might find lurking in our latest vaccines which may not be made known to us for years to come? As you listen to these people discuss this tragic mistake, which must have resulted in many deaths and much pain and suffering, and then hear them joke about it, I would hope it makes your blood boil. This will give you a general idea of how these scientists think as they use us all as guinea pigs with these various chemicals and potions. About this tragic mistake, when asked if the public was informed, this scientist said that obviously we do not do a press release when something like this happens. Of course they don’t! That is so that profits are protected and lawsuits for damages are greatly avoided.

Are We All Just Guinea Pigs?

This all reminds me of the statement by Dr. Solomon Snyder about how scientists love LSD because? Not because it had created any great beneficial effect for mankind, but because LSD had taught scientists so much about how the human brain functions in producing insanity! How many knew they were being used to teach scientists so much about the human brain? Absolutely no concern from these scientists about the lives destroyed by this drug! That was even though they knew LSD was initially introduced via Sandoz Pharmaceutical in Switzerland as a way to chemically induce insanity so that science could learn the cause of insanity. That was almost a decade and a half before Eli Lilly, the makers of Prozac, patented the synthetic version of LSD in 1956 which was then touted as a means to cure mental illness!!!! Amazing how marketing can change the color of anything from black to white, isn’t it?! And just how much are these infomercials we call “medical research” changing black to white for us today? Considering how marketing has been perfected and the public absolutely saturated with it over the past six decades since then??? Our society is clearly ripe for anything marketing can bring us!

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

International Coalition for Drug Awareness

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