Medicated & Depressed FL Mother Who Killed Her 2 Teens Seemed “Off”

Berman Family

Jacqueline, Alexander and Jennifer Berman

Jennifer Berman emailed her ex-husband on Monday to say that she intended to ‘do harm’. Mr. Berman rushed to the home only to find her body was later along with her children Alexander and Jacqueline who had all been shot dead at their Florida home in West Palm Beach. Jennifer Berman had killed them all.

From the clips below from several news articles listed we can see all of the typical clues that those of us who know what to look for would find. Those are highlighted in bold.

1…..”…another neighbor said he suspected something was wrong with Mrs Berman when he saw her over the weekend.

‘I looked into her eyes and she just had this weird look,” said 69-year-old Marian Sklodowski.

‘She had tried to sell me her house for a knockdown price because she wanted the money quick. I knew her very well, and I had never seen this look on her face.

‘She was just off. There was nothing there behind the eyes. I told my wife, but she said I should not get involved.
‘I just wish I had said something now because we have this awful tragedy.’

2…..Their mother, Jennifer Berman, appeared “off” recently, according to neighbor Marian Sklodowski, who lives across the street. “The last time, compared to the first time, something was missing. Something was missing. What was missing, I don’t know,” said Sklodowski.

“Just two days ago, when Sklodowski last saw and spot Jennifer Berman, he said, she appeared upset, disappointed and confused. “You can notice that, from the face, from the eyes, something was strange in her face,” said Sklodowski.

“Just across the street, neighbor Sheren Kirk also noticed something was not right as of late. “It’s shocking that it happened, but, I think, they had a lot of stress,” said Kirk. “There’s been a divorce; there’s been financial problems.”

“A few houses down from Kirk, resident Tim Frank said after the divorce, Jennifer Berman seemed distraught about the future and her kids. “She anticipated that it was going to be very tough for her to move on,” said Frank.

3…..”Two of Jennifer’s cousins who didn’t want to be named said Berman previously threatened to harm herself, but never the children. Police said the morning of the shootings, Jennifer Berman sent emails to Richard Berman and other family members and said she was going to harm herself and the children.
Kaufman said on behalf of Richard Berman that if Richard ever thought Jennifer Berman was a danger to the kids, Richard “would have gone to the end of the earth to stop it.”

“Jennifer Berman was devastated after the loss of her father, grandmother and most recently, her mother, said a cousin who wished not to be named. Jennifer Berman, who was working as a caretaker for a 99-year-old man, had been depressed for a while. The cousin believed she was on medication but wasn’t sure if it was a sleeping aid or for depression.

“Jennifer Berman, an only child, felt alone when she was left without the three people closest to her, the cousin said, and her depression developed as the deadline neared to leave her home. Jennifer Berman’s mother owned the home on Pershing Way and when Jennifer and Richard were going through financial troubles, they moved in. The cousin said Jennifer felt the house was her last connection to her mother.

“Her mother and her were very close,” she said. “I don’t think she would have done any of this if her mother was still alive. I feel like because she was leaving her mom’s home I think the depression turned into psychosis.”

[This is often a time when medication doses are increased or changed – a time when the FDA warns that an abrupt change in dose (whether up or down) can produce suicide, hostility or psychosis.]

“The cousin said Jennifer Berman had previously threatened suicide and was battling with the thought of it

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